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  1. I am very sad to see this happens, I moderated for few MMO games TS channels and I know how hard is to be neutral and patient with every side. So I hope the SteelBeast TS come back to live. :nukem:
  2. Hi Gibsonm, problem solved with help from Asid (Dogs of War) - I made a new install on my new PC - Updated my CodeMeter Runtime : http://codemeter.com/us/news/2014-3.html This solved the problem.
  3. Hi my old PC died, I installed the SIM on a new PC and connected the CodeMeter but when I try to start the Sim I receive an error : CodeMeter error: Please ensure your CM stick is securely in a USB port. And on the CodeMeter Control Center it says Status: Empty License Container Can someone help me with this or show me link about installing the Sim on a new PC how to? Thx
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