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  1. Hey, I was curious. I've been using ReShade to add a dab of ambient occlusion to give the tanks some depth. Problem is, it doesn't play well with the various sight modes ( night vision etc. ) as the AO silhouette remains. I was just wondering if there's another more native way of adding said effect or perhaps any future plans of adding it to the simulator? It's a fairly subtle effect at times but it adds a lot to a scene Thanks
  2. We love screenshots

    Greenhorn tank-man, been playing the game for ... 30 minutes.
  3. Dammit *Puts on waiting hat again*
  4. I feel like I'm doing something wrong, as everybody else seem to have no problems. I've installed and re-installed the CodeMeter software version 5.00d on Windows 8 as administrator and even in Windows 7 compatibility mode. This is a 1-month license. I tried completely disabling Bitdefender Windows 8 Security -- Anti-virus, Firewall - The lot. I shut down Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. I tried from 3 different browsers. Yet the error "Error: An internal error has occurred. Please try again later. Error Code = 0x18080001" constantly appears. If I create a license, try to do an offline activation and upload the "WibuCmRaC" file, I get the exact same error. Me and Ssnake are in contact via email but I just wanted some secondary input, anything I've missed?
  5. I'm still getting it EDIT: Also tried offline activation and still getting the error message - 1 Month license.
  6. Ah okay, everything is well then - Thanks for the reply
  7. So what does that mean, we won't be able to play for weeks?
  8. 3.0 License Update step by step

    That's a shame! Thanks for keeping us updated
  9. 3.0 License Update step by step

    So when can we expect the license servers to work again, some time in the next few hours?
  10. 3.0 License Update step by step

    Yeah, this is probably the most convoluted, least user-friendly thing I've ever had to do for a game
  11. 3.0 License Update step by step

    Doesn't work. At least not with a new time-limited license, same error.
  12. 3.0 License Update step by step

    Yeah, getting that as well - Wanted to play
  13. Prices, Licenses

    So there's no additional purchase required with the time-limited licenses, I can just buy one month of the full game for $10 and go nuts? That'd be amazing. Can you buy several of these licenses or is it a one-time deal?