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  1. I cannot seem to be able to figure it out in the mission editor. Forgive me in advance I seem pretty lame at this point
  2. Just have to make something on my own, if I can make that happen, with my trial and error way of doing that.
  3. You can edit the tutorials as far as I can tell. Instant action and the tank ranges not so much, unless you have the magic passwords
  4. I was wondering that as well re the T-72B3 seems to all the rage, justifiably so
  5. I was wondering if it is possible to edit the tutorial maps.
  6. Okay, I think the meter stick is faulty, because the light on the stick seldom goes out. Nver have seen it act like that before. Which is green by the way. I have had this stick for over ten or fifteen years or so.
  7. Well, I downloaded 7.40b which I already had done. Prior to installing it I checked the programs and noticed another version of the codemeter software. So there was two versions, one older. I uninstalled both of them, then reinstalled 7.40b. I ran a couple of tank range engagements, and it froze again, but this time for only a fraction of a second or so. One tank range it did nothing at all. Now you might think that it is a hardware/harddrive issue, which is possible, but I don't think so. I have never experienced this behavior before.
  8. My light is on all the time and it never used to do that. The game stalls sometimes and It never did that much before either
  9. I noticied that the codemeter was showing up with a drive letter. I also noticed that during the game it was freezing and stalling for a few seconds or a minute occastionally. then It was resume. The green light on the stick was staying on longer like a thumb drive. Removed the drive letter with disk managment and I still have the same issue.
  10. This may sound silly, but I cannot seem to be able to use the missile targeting systems with BMP-2. When I click on the IR sight or the ATGM sight all I get is a black screen. When I hit the "V" key I can switch between the ATGM and the main gun, but that is all. HELP someone so I can get my ATGM on.
  11. So if I get this right...After you download the sucker then we have to wait for the store to open up so we can buy the upgrade license?
  12. Looks as if I'm all good now. I tinkered around with the onboard sound settings and everything works as it should. Thanks for the help.
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