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  1. Yeah lol I've been talking to the Web Manager about it. He's a Cool guy.. :clin: I've had the Game, what? now near two years. I was scoping some YouTube videos and Saw some time ago way before Version 3 came out. That they had M1A2 the looked to be Pilotable. That was near enough 12 months ago. So I don't know how old this clip is. If I can find it again, Its a Shame Guys like me couldn't Just upgrade to the New Version. I bought the CD about 2 years ago now or less.. And I enjoy the Sim. But would love to be able to keep up with all the updates. Like I said I love the M1A1.. But the M1A2 Rocks lol :bigsmile:
  2. Earlier version I believe. 2.654 version.
  3. Guys I've been looking for the M1A2 Mod where I can Add the Tank and missions if there are any to my Steel Beats. Would someone be able to direct me a link as to were I can download this monster from please? Cheers.. Anrgy Kid.
  4. Hay all. Well I'm new to the world of Steel Beasts and have just bought my copy of Steel Beasts Pro PE. I've been looking at the Program and well I like what I see, But I have a few questions that I wouldn't mind help on. 1. How do I or where do I find the M1A2 Abram? I can't seem to find it in the list of Tanks I have in the tutorials. And I cant seem to find the Hummer ether. 2. Also are there and Missions add-ons for the program? I've never been very big on Playing on line and would love to have a few stand alone missions or campaign mission if they are about. Cheers Angry Kid
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