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  1. I think you still not get it. The developers not ignore you. Just you don't give any picture, AAR, technical specification, what are your opinion is based. No numbers, not technical manuals. Are you handle Challanger 2s in real life? Or T-90S? You know someone who does? Or your complain based on feeling?
  2. The Volvo car in the game is underpowered. Because i like it, i know. Don't bullshitting with me. Make it right.
  3. I know it. Just i feel that more important than Jtac and visual models of CAS aircraft. Of course this is only a personal opinion. I could live with the developers decision. :-)
  4. For example active IR or xenon searchlights. Illumination shells for artillery. edit: and some moon(star)light
  5. And he has russian and hungarian technical manuals and crews who has been operated for years. The samsim is the real stuff for air defense. Much like Steel beast for armored warfare. Don't underestime it. Sorry Hedgehog i adressed this to Gibson. :-) http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3640138/1/ZSU-23-4V1_Shilka
  6. I voting for fully implemented night fighting capabilities.
  7. Is there any good source on late model M-60-n in Gulf war? Was it in fight? How it perform?
  8. (Offtopic): And and the following title (WW1C) is late war or mid war campaign? Maybe eastern front? I will not tell anyone. :-)
  9. I know that is not comforting, but in in my country, we have an "Air force" of 16 leased swedish light fighter, the army without any combat helicopter. We have 15 preserved T-72M1 "tank", the rest is given away to "New Iraq". The whole army not bigger than a medium infantry division in the USA, and still half of this is clerk. While we have more generals than Poland. However the politicians have armored Audis and State employee chauffeurs. What a dumbfuck country is mine?
  10. Thanks Froggy. I feel myself like an idiot. I'm done with questions till 2015.
  11. I have the same problem with Leo 1A5 and Leo 2A4. On the CCP screen i switch to Manual mode, but i can't type the range. I won't find anything in the manual and the wiki about it.
  12. The T-72M4 and T-72 Turms is identical?
  13. Strange, i find it smooth. Not on the Leo or M1 level but i like it.
  14. The T-72 Turms really has the same FCS like the Centauro? Or there is some differences?
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