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  1. Oh man I feel you! I hate the thin black on grey font they use also. Its so thin it always looks like they are ghosted out in the menus and I can barely read them unless I'm about a 18 inches from screen. Granted I'm older and my eyes are not young and that is part of the problem but I'm betting whoever coded that has 20/20 vision . Just make it bolder or something! lol .
  2. Ok Thanks! I was thinking I'd have to do the 80.00 since I never did 3.0 so nice surprise. thanks everyone
  3. hmmmm the control center says version:Cmstick 2.02 so is that the license number?
  4. I'm completely confused by this: " Typically you have one license of an older version of SB Pro. For most customers the upgrade is $40.- ... so, order that. UNLESS your ONLY SB Pro PE license is older than version 2.5. For customers who never upgraded before the web shop offers an "old version upgrade" at $80.- " I have a code meter stick that I use to run SB PE v2.6 is this the same as a license version greater than 2.5 or is SB Pro PE license version something else? Where can I find the version number of my license?
  5. yeah it will happily drive itself into a river and drown
  6. Why am I not on the beta team Thanks for letting me know there is nothing to know, yet, everyone.
  7. I see 4.0 is coming soon (I think) but I can not find any information on it. I've found a few links by Ssnake but they are dead now. It all seems very secretive, is there any link or information on 4.0 anywhere? thanks
  8. Tried everything in the Sticky but no matter how I do it , offline or online, I get the message below. Error: The license cannot be transferred into the selected CmContainer. Please use a different CmContainer and try again. Error Code = 0x18080005 Have runtime 5.22 tried with 3 different browsers One odd thing is the CmControl quit asking me for the Code and just goes straight into making the request file. So anyways I need help Thanks
  9. I have full intention of upgrading at some point so don't worry yourself. I was just wondering if you ever licked the problems you were having implementing some of the new effects or if you had solved them and included them in the current version.
  10. Thanks sSnake But before you released v3.0 you had a certain goal in mind for the new particle effects and , if I recall correctly, you were finding it harder than expected to implement them. So my question is have you at least gotten those done now? Thanks again!
  11. Guess I'll put off that upgrade then. :luxhello:
  12. So no? Whats left to do if I may ask?
  13. Have all the new graphic and particle effects been implemented. I never saw if they got them all done before the release. Thanks
  14. Damn that was very informative and classy :luxhello:
  15. Yeah that's one long a** note. I read the first two pages and then grabbed the scroll bar and quickly scrolled to the bottom (took like ten minutes lol). Does that count as skimming?
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