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  1. Noticed it in the mission editor video on masking...T-72B3 2012 Also noticed BTR-82AT and Leopard 2A6MA2.
  2. thewood

    Ukranian T72B

    I love internet arguments without references or data. 100 T-72A/B, 33 (now 50) T-72AMTs, plus almost 1000 in long-term storage (probably useless). Only a few captured, most left from Soviet stocks. Source: Military Balance 2021 and Janes 2015
  3. I would say you're pretty good at trolling your self. Not sure what you were trying to accomplish beyond saying something just to get someone riled up. Troll much?
  4. People who say they meant no disrespect usually did and knew it when they said it.
  5. I don't really have a horse in this race, but this attitude doesn't make sense. This is just plain poor marketing in every sense of the word. Its basically saying anything customers say mean nothing, so I'll just do what I want. And this why programmers should be barred from talking to customers. So enlighten me on how you gather intelligence on your customer's wishes? Is it from all the giggling chats on the MP sessions. Or do actually go out and talk to every customer?
  6. So what's prognosis on this? If I only play single player and don't have any apparent issues, should I wait until this is straightened out?
  7. I love how we players are all insufferable asses until Ssnake comes in and clears the room.
  8. I think this comment should be considered a little more in discussions.
  9. Does increasing the cache slow the loading of the scenario in execution of editor modes? Is the PC having to spend more time loading the map into cache, versus pulling it as needed from the HD. I know in using MSFS2k, the impact of increasing map cache slows the loading of the flight.
  10. Agreed. Overall, a lot of the vehicles look a lot newer. Maybe its just the lighting, but overall great. I also really like fleshing out the Piranha lines and their armament.
  11. So even if we've already installed, we have to download and install again? Because of one round inadvertently making it in. I mean...we have a lot of bugs we grin and bear it on with no thought that any patch will be forthcoming for months and possibly years. But this one round will require a redownload and reinstall? Maybe I'm misunderstanding and my righteous indignation is misplaced.
  12. This is a long shot...hard drive space? With the size of the installs and the need for the temp files, that's chewing up maybe 40gb.
  13. thewood


    Saw that Combat Mission Black Sea is out on Steam now. No difference in the game other than the traditionally nightmarish patching and updating process is hopefully simplified. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1502380/Combat_Mission_Black_Sea/
  14. The big issue across all niche game sites is that few want to criticize scenario makers. You hate to criticize someone's hard work. You also expose yourself to pushback that you aren't grateful for the effort it took to build scenarios. Its easier to just not say anything.
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