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  1. A lot of the antivirus threat lists have been picking up older architecture game exe's and updates recently. I didn't get one on SB Pro, but have had to white list a few older architecture games over the last week.
  2. Is this another multi-gigabyte full install? Will there be an actual patch?
  3. Seems like a little overkill for what I'm trying to do. Nevermind.
  4. I use a lot of low profile sticks for various reasons. I have never dropped a PC as to damage it through that stick. Its usually wrecked for other more sever reasons in the fall. I have twice in the last three years wrecked USB ports on a laptop by forgetting about them and trying to put them in a travel bag. I have wrecked a laptop once by catching the long stick on me as I walked by and it hung out a little over a table. As to the timed license; I change laptops every 6-12 months. I read that the licenses weren't transferable. I also play on two different laptops. Is there away to accommodate that? One is for home use and one my travel laptop.
  5. Is it possible to transfer the SB license to a low profile Codemeter stick... https://cdn.wibu.com/fileadmin/wibu_downloads/CodeMeter_Datasheets/Seriennummer_03/C/CmStick_C-Basic-1001-03-160_EN.pdf I am constantly banging the sick with various objects and am always worried its going to break either the stick or the USB port.
  6. Not many people talking about the T-14 since Russian armor performance in Ukraine has been bigger news. But thought this was interesting. https://eurasiantimes.com/russias-cutting-edge-t-14-armata-tank-seen-in-the-war-zone/ There are several articles around on across the web, but all seem to be sourced from the single twitter post. Steel Beasts might be the only game that simulates the T-14 right now.
  7. Did you already download the update? I didn't see it on the esims website or any kind of announcement.
  8. thewood

    map pkg ques

    "At some point we must acknowledge that people bear some responsibility for their own computer and operating system" I wish more devs thought this way.
  9. For giggles, I tried it. From the US and using Chrome, If I go to cart and click "begin checkout", I get thew same screen as the OP.
  10. Just so you know, there are a few of us who play SB as a wargame. I play from external, map, and sometimes from the commanders position. I have been playing for years and never sat inside the turret or in the gunner's position. 10 years ago, it was almost impossible to do that, but eSims has added a number of features to make it easier to command larger unit scenarios as a wargame. The key is to know the tactics, formation, and route setting systems. I have played Combat Mission since the Bigtime Software days. Haven't truly played it in almost four years since I really started playing SB more. btw, also a big CMO player.
  11. IIRC, the manual gives a lot of the actions and positioning that'll happen on different routes and tactics.
  12. Just want to point out you are arguing with people that operate tanks for a living, right? Maybe stop using Combat Mission or WoT as a reference and be a little more open to other people's experiences.
  13. thewood


    Sitting in Amsterdam's Schiphol airport browsing some videos and stumbled across this. Very cool comparison of the CM locations with the real battle location. This is why a lot of us play wargames.
  14. Galvanized steel is just a coating. If the coating process is not followed perfectly, you will eventually get corrosion. Also, concertina wire puts the coating under stress. I would imagine that decades of storage and use the coating will erode and rust will form.
  15. Barbed wire is usually made from standard steel wire. Razor wire is usually galvanized steel. Not universal, but generally the standard.
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