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  1. Not related to WW2, but more about content in general. I would love it if we got either individual vehicles or vehicle packs. The vehicles don't even have to be playable. I would be happy just to have AI vehicles to build out some scenarios. For example, a vehicle pack for 1967 Arab-Israeli war that might include modernized Shermans, M48s, T-10s, M3 halftracks, and T-34/85s that would be something I'd buy. I would even buy individual vehicles. I don't think MP would be an issue as long as care is taken when building scenarios not to include new vehicles or make sure its clear which vehicles are being used. Combat Mission has done a good job of managing it so it is doable. I suspect the main issue would be the effort to develop vs. the limited number of people will to buy vehicles or packs. Just a thought from my perspective.
  2. My internet hearsay memory leads me to remember the 1500m limitation was fire control related, not gun performance related. But that's a guess
  3. Don't have a horse in this Milan race, but isn't the name of this thread literally "Content Wish List"
  4. The codemeter stuff is not something I screw around with without explicit instructions from esims. Don't see why you would.
  5. Talk about knee jerk reactions...
  6. I have benchmarked several games when I did the upgrade from Win7 to Win10 on my old laptop. Every game, CMNAO, Steel Beasts, Graviteam games, and Combat Mission all ran 3-5% faster on Win10. The only issue I had was having to update my printer drivers.
  7. thewood


    No on ground combat being a focus. Its still heavily abstracted. Its better, but its still secondary to air and naval. The devs will even say that. Don't buy it just for ground combat. The new ground combat model is a lot better, but its still a complement to the main focus of the game. One area that appears to be interesting is amphibious warfare. They have expended a lot of effort for support of landings and such. That part is very interesting.
  8. thewood


    From a usability standpoint, CMO is a huge leap forward. The clickable message logs, bubble pop ups, hit buttons, etc. make a big difference in situational awareness. I am less of a fan of the hi def terrain overlays, but they are optional and do help in certain areas. The radar LOS tool is a huge add for planning SEAD and strike missions. The overall user interface is much better. The fact that all content from CMNAO carries forward to CMO and CMO is only $40 if you own CMNAO makes this a no-brainer for anyone interested in naval and air operations. The 3D window is interesting, but not very useful in my opinion. Too much effort put into a small minority of players who wanted it.
  9. Yes...the original report seemed heading in a very obsessive direction and ended up there. Your patience as devs is commendable.
  10. This is a lot of obsessive time spent to get to that conclusion.
  11. CM has been, but in a fairly limited way to either teach history of combined arms or some basic familiarization with platoon-level tactics. I had a friend in the Marine Corp (combat officer) who told me he didn't think the perspective CM gave was very useful. He said useful training for him and his peers was either first person tactical as a procedural trainer or more operational.
  12. And this is exactly what I am talking about...dick
  13. Badgered is not a strong enough word for this topic. If this is how you treat devs who go to the effort of putting in a a good piece of content, I hate to imagine how you treat devs of games you don't like. And I don't want to hear, "we're tough because we love". There are much more useful ways to provide feedback. This whole topic disgusts me. And I'll come back to my original comment. If I were the devs, I'd just pull the Armata out until they decide what to do with it. I would be fairly disillusioned.
  14. I was talking to the other guy complaining. Grenny ninja'ed me. But you already have the pictures, so I am assuming you have the AARs to post. You guys seem to encounter this so often, it shouldn't take long.
  15. It takes longer to write a completely un-formatted post on the forum than it does to post an AAR.
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