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  1. Not sure of the effort vs value...ERA, slat armor, and other available/possible armor packages as a part of the options menu for specific vehicles.
  2. Two systems have had that update and both started SB no issues. Win10 OEM, i7, nVidia on both. Using Win10 virus and Malware protection.
  3. I can't remember the name of it. On my last laptop, I had to disable it to play Combat Mission. It cause flickering and freezing. I know for Command: Modern Air and Naval Operations, the explicitly list it as interfering with start up and graphics.
  4. MSI has an overlay like that also that sometimes plays havoc with some games.
  5. I have found the scripting capabilities what makes SB a great wargame, not just a procedural simulation. I spend hours in the planning phase setting up routes and reactions. The AI at battle positions is awesome. I love setting a tactic at a waypoint and then watch the AFV micro-maneuver on its own to get a shot, go hull down, hide, etc. That is where SB as a wargame shines.
  6. There was no disrespect in in that thread and no disrespect was intended. I was pointing out that the same poster comes in and continuously requests new features and uses supposed RTS games as a model. SB isn't and RTS and I expect the majority of players don't seem to want it. That's not even considering the military customers. Respect is that once its pointed out that a game won't be moving in that direction, you respectfully stop bringing it up in a thread dedicated to a content wishlist. On a wishlist, you shouldn't bring up the same thing repeatedly, just because you don't like the answer. Be respectful if someone disagrees and drop it. Start a new thread on it if you want. Don't continue clog up a thread with the argument. The equivalent of "Take it outside". Btw, the weakest form of debate and argument is claiming that a counter-argument is somehow restricting someone's ability to post an opinion. If you are so weak in your opinion that someone merely posting a different view, you probably should rethink the opinion. I have as much right to an opinion as that guy. Are you now restricting my right to an opinion? I am assuming you aren't, unless I am missing something.
  7. I love people who claim to love a game and expend all their energy in turning it into something else. And why is this discussion happening in this thread again? Din't the same guy go through this exact same discussion a month ago?
  8. Can't they do that today and for a while?
  9. I just ran a quick test using loading up the T-72 with HEAT and it took several BK-31s to kill each Leo 2. I also tried letting the computer run the T-72. I removed all Sabot and HEAT rounds. The T-72 never wanted to fire the HE at the Leos. I added the AAR and scenario file. 1st Leo 2 - 3 BK-31 shots 2nd Leo 2 - 6-7 shots (lost track after 5) 3rd Leo 2 - 1 shot 4th Leo 2 - 1 shot One thing I noticed, and it makes sense from my inexperienced eye, is that looking at all the AARs, the kill shots were almost all hull shots. Didn't do any detailed analysis. Its just something that caught my eye. OF26 Test against Leo 2E_10264_081319LAPTOP-KVNHE0842.aar OF26 Test against Leo 2E.sce
  10. This is an awesome suggestion. I spend a lot of time opening maps just to see what they look like.
  11. Thank you. That is the answer I was looking for. It was the AI I was wondering about. I was just wondering if you know a kinetic round won't penetrate, would you fire HE or HEAT that might cause enough damage to make it worth it. Not expecting a fancy AI response...just wondering.
  12. I use my laptop for both work and gaming. it has a 256Gb C SSD and a SSD D with 1Tb. The C drive has 50Gb left on it after a year of use. Yes, I can go through the hassle of moving everything around for one game. But even then, SB files scatter to at least 4 main folders, two of which have to be on C. I have one game, Combat Mission, that uses 2 folders. The rest always use 1. Its just one more complication and barrier to new players for SB. I understand the reasons for doing this. Following Windows enterprise support guidelines are important in certain environments. But it is still kind of odd telling consumers to work in multiple folders, especially when one of them is a hidden system folder.
  13. I think you didn't read my question right. I am asking if a T-14 would choose the BK-31 over an APFSDS against a modern M1 or Leo 1.
  14. If those newer HEAT rounds and weapons are so effective in damaging even heavily armored vehicles, do tank units start to prioritize those rounds when engaging newer AFVs? In game and in real life.
  15. Well, you still have ProgamData and esims in the documents folder on C (if that's your boot). I think stuff also ends up in the appdata folder IIRC. So while you can move stuff to other drives. There are still large parts scattered over C, no matter what you do, within reason. SB is still the only game that has significant space on my C drive because of that. Just checked; There is still 3Gb of C used even with SB's main folder on D with the Map folders also there. 3Gb doesn't seem like a lot nowadays, but on a 256Gb C drive with the OS resident, it starts to add up.
  16. Do any of the other driver control panel settings work or have any impact in SB?
  17. I noticed in the "text flickering" thread that there was a comment about "forcing" AA through nVidia control panel can cause unusual results. Is this related to my question? I have never see that before in any game.
  18. Since we seem to be voting, I have three that could run higher than 1920x1080, but keep them right at that for performance reasons. I even downscaled my surface book 2 to be able to squeeze some performance out of it. I have 5-6 friends I play with fairly regularly and they all run at 1920x1080, except when using very large monitors. On any monitor smaller than 20", I don't see any difference.
  19. thewood

    Text Flickering

    Regardless...the only time I have seen anything like this was on Falcon 4 BMS. It turned out to be a bad RGB cable that only effected a certain color and it was random.
  20. I think he means 4.159, in case you couldn't figure it out.
  21. thewood

    Text Flickering

    And that video is why I recommended using nVidia. I can very slightly see some flickering. The quality is so poor its hard to tell what is the PC effects and camera effects. Thats my point.
  22. thewood

    Text Flickering

    If you are using nVidia, why wouldn't you use its recording function. I think its called ShadowPlay or something like that. I have found it pretty simple and its already running in the background, most likely.
  23. Let me check. Not sure if I set it to zero. My assumption is when nVidia says its overriding the app, its overriding the app.
  24. I ran some benchmarking tests a few days ago and wanted some clarification of what overrides what in setting AA and other graphics settings. When I set the nVidia Control Panel for AA mode to be nVidia overrides application, the AA setting in SB still seems to control the AA setting. I can see the change in jaggedness when I increase SB's AA and FPS drops as I would expect. So is that working as designed? Does the nVidia Control Panel not control graphics settings in SB?
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