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  1. Wow... thank you! it really shows the model looks great!
  2. Vehicle crew cannot assume the rolls of casualties, (from what i have seen on the inside of AFV's i don't know how feasible that would be under fire anyway) if you want to rotate the hull the tank need to have at working running gear engine etc. But ideally you have a friend kill what ever is trying to kill you
  3. If you have told the AI where to look from the map and made sure they can see where you have told them to (solid dot changes to a circle) the AI will turn the hull to the circle. When on the move the best you can do is use the traverse left/right commands and after about a 30 seconds of scanning in what ever direction the gunner will look to the front again, just have to keep telling them to look where you want to. and In the current version the AI have a tendency to look up.
  4. 4.1 just keeps getting better and better! cant wait to experience all the new features!
  5. sorry again wish i could had been there, but i have a plan all ready to go for next week!
  6. sorry guys i wont be able to make it this week, crazy last minute packing
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