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  1. Hi there, just playing around with Ver 4.0 after a long absence. Have I got this right? There seems to be no way for the M60A3 gunner to view the range returned from the LRF. This seems awkward since you may want to analyse the returned range for a whole host of reasons. In the real tank I guess the TC would be calling it out. How was it done for real? How can we do it in sim? When using the LRF from the TC's position we can see the 3 return values at the bottom left in the status bar thing. Should this be added to the gunners station, just to substitute the TC calling it out? Doe
  2. Yeah, that confirms what I was saying. Which is unfortunate. Too much to ask for in an update?
  3. I'm noticing either a problem or misunderstanding with the 'Enter Battlesight Range' TC function. The same thing happens on all the MBTs I've tried. I hit the key and the battlesight range 1200m is entered into the FCS, but the gunner always lases and generates a new range before firing. My understanding is that battlesight is a quick engagement with the gunner firing without lazing. I'm using the 'battlesight' key only and not issuing a separate 'fire' command. Something seems odd. What is the correct sequence? Anyone else? :c:
  4. My resolution is 1280 x 1024, the max the monitor will allow. A related question - does anyone know if, in real life, the TC hand controller has short keys for CITV GLOS / GPSGLOS and the scan modes? It would make his (and our) life easier if it did....
  5. Hey, Is there anyway to customise the FOV on the F3 view? I'm having a problem with the F3 CITV view in the M1A2 SEP. With using F3, the buttons on the left - MAN, AUTO, CITVGLOS etc are cut off the side of my monitor. It makes it impossibleto tell which mode I'm in. Can I change the viewpoint / zoom to get round this? I've noticed in videos that others don't have this problem - a function of screen res and widescreen I guess? Cheers.
  6. 'TGIF' - Sorry, what's this? Yeah, unfortunately I lack the time, patience and skill to create good scenarios. I'm looking for a well researched moderately sized battle, with good realistic orders of battle. Anyone recommend one of the top off their head?
  7. Guys, Version 3.0 has been out for quite a while now...where are scenarios that showcase the new features? I'd like to play a good M1A2 or Challenger 2 scenario...but all the ones available to download on this site are for 2.654... Most of them seem to be password protected so we can't even change the tanks / vehicles. This is frustrating. Any external sites or links you could give me...they must be hiding somewhere.
  8. Ok, that's perfectly understandable. I hadn't see that vid - interesting. I wonder though if a simple TC range readout might be added to the bottom of one of the screens. It could even be added to the GUI top right underneath the ammo status. A simple 'TC Range: ' readout for the Strv122 and Leo2E would really help with situational awareness and also to confirm that a lase is valid / sensible when in 'override mode'. Cheers.
  9. With the new M1A2, the Leo 2E and the Strv 122, I wonder if it might be possible at some point to model a more in depth BMS. Maybe it could be just a generic type system with common features (they all must share basic concepts anyway), that would allow a little more realism / immersion than the standard F5 view. I know you've got your hands full, but just a thought...
  10. The question is in the title really - do the commanders of these two MBTs have access to any kind of range readout? The Leo 2A5 commander has a range - on the tiny display at the far right of the turret. However I find it hard to believe that the TC's of the Strv 122 and Leo 2E don't get the same info. Is this how it is in reality?
  11. OK that doesn't sound too bad. I'm used to seeing about 3-5 degrees in various aircraft. Because I hadn't experienced it, I figured that a 70 ton lump of steel would have a greater effect.
  12. Thanks guys. Really useful stuff:). Out of interest what kind of magnitude deviation might be experienced with say a Abrams / challenger type tank? More than 10 degrees?
  13. Err yes, I'm aware of the difference between a wet compass and a GPS. :lol: The point was about the idea of a standard whiskey compass being affected by the magnetic field of the vehicle and a correction (compass deviation) being needed. Can anyone with first hand knowledge comment on the use of compasses with large AFVs and procedures to apply correction?
  14. hmmmm...good point, Rotareneg. I didn't think of that. The proximity of other vehicles may also effect it. Aircraft tend to be pretty isolated in flight.
  15. Yes, exactly. Although if the compass is fixed to the vehicle - surely could you 'swing' the compass and then apply a deviation?
  16. This may seem like a silly question but how did / do modern MBTs and IFVs handle navigation? Coming from a flight simulation and real life commercial pilot perspective I'm very familiar with the various forms of aircraft navigation. Radio aids - VOR/DME, ADF, ILS etc, internal aids like INS's and IRS's and of course GPS are used by aircraft, not forgetting map, compass and stopwatch. I'm guessing basic map reading is the the main form of navigation used. Most modern AFV's must have access to GPS though - which ones? - only those with 'electronic map displays'? How many AFV's have datalink the
  17. In the key commands options there is a key 'Aided Lay' for the Challenger 2. I've tried pressing L and it doesn't seem to do anything. Is this feature functional? I know that the CR2 fire control isn't fully modeled yet.... What exactly is it supposed to do anyway? I think I've read that it adds hands free tracking of a moving target? That may be completely wrong. I'd love the challenger fire control to get an upgrade sometime in the near future.
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