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  1. Il2 Tank Crew is pretty weak. It's arcadish and doesn't allow direct turret control with a joystick. Nothing is authentic, I wish I hadn't bought it. I love their aircraft though
  2. I'd be happy with a mouse sensitivity slider. My TC jukes around like a drunk chicken.
  3. The first quarter of 2017 has come and gone. Is there any update to the release of the new terrain?
  4. Just look at the ammo indicator in the upper right. It will flash if the gunner has the incorrect ammo selected vs what is in the breach.
  5. Can you confirm which folder the dll's go in and where the main SweetFX folder goes?
  6. Is there any reason why post processing injectors don't work with SB? I use SweetFX on all my old DX9 games which can inject bloom and simulated HDR as well as more effective AA. I tried it with SB and it just crashes. The tone mapping controls alone are priceless. Allowing injectors would be a great way for users to enhance SB visuals.
  7. I'm still learning how everything works before I try online. I don't want to look like a complete fool. The scenario would have to include Abrams tanks cause thats all I know
  8. Thanks. That's actually what I wanted to do, create a mixed HQ platoon with the two HQ tanks, a 113, an M88 and a couple of supply trucks. I haven't read the pdf yet, but will look it over tonight.
  9. I got my dongle today. Followed the directions and everything seems to be working great. I want to thank Gibsonm for the loaned license this past week. You're a good man and it's been much appreciated.
  10. Hi, I'm new to SB and I've been messing with making a scenario. Basically I want the user to have to create routes on the fly. In my tank company I want a supply train. (what we called it back in the late 80's). So basically there would be a HQ platoon with a few support vehicles and the command tanks. I want the supply train to follow the command tanks. "Attach to.." doesn't seem to work the way I thought it would. Is there a way to get multiple support vehicles to follow a tank? Thanks.
  11. I knew it was a stupid question. I didn't realize the little tank symbol was tracking with the map. I was just using it to keep the main gun barrel aligned with the tank for exposing my frontal armor to the enemy. Makes perfect sense now, thanks.
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