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  1. This is starting to get sad. The performance of SB was always pretty underwhelming during the last years, at least compared to technical standards these days and to what the sim offers in the end, in my opinion. At this point however, when I read from a dev that the engine is basically completely outdated, (ab)used beyond capacity and capability, then I wonder why you still try to 'fix' things, while admiting that it just isn't enough, rather than do the only logical thing: upgrade the engine/get a new one. The engine surpassed its life-time years ago and while 4.0 offers nice new features - what good are they if the consequences are such abysmal performance issues that render the sim unplayable for a lot of people?
  2. Thanks so far Grenny! May I ask if you know for sure that one would witch to the next target? It concurs with my opinion (and common sense, really), yet I need this confirmed from someone who knows for sure/used these systems/was trained on them. I guess from your nick, you where a Panzergrenadier so came in contact with the Milan?
  3. Greetings, I wonder if the depiction of guided missiles in SB Pro is authentic and their capabilities are well presented. Especially the guidance/steering. Under what circumstances would the wire rip? Would it rip from harsh maneuvering, steering? Example Also, let's say two targets are heading towards a TOW position and the TOW operator engages one of the targets, like in the video. In case the target he is just engaging get's destroyed by another unit, would he just cut the wire or try to steer towards the next target? I hope it is clear what I ask for, can not into English much! :clin: Regards!
  4. Thanks! Gotta pass though unfortunately, my machine really has problems handling multiple clients/larger missions so the performance is just terrible/not fun to play. For now, I have to stick with small scenarios - like this one - to be able to enjoy SBP. Will come back to this offer once I have a stronger machine though :clin:
  5. Well... Leopard! I am going for another try as well... can be a tough nut to crack, that's for sure.
  6. I'm positive I played the one released recently " Plus, the movement routes are not only randomized, but adapt to spotting reports." Now, that explains why I had the feeling they have the same routes... I was too long at the same spot I guess... I didn't dare to leave that precious forest, so never mind what I said, great scenario! Oh, again... what's up with the DM33 for the Leo2A5?
  7. Yep, that scenario is fun indeed! My best so far was cracking 6-7 targets, then I got smoked. Only thing I dislike is the lack of randomness in this scenario. At least, I had the feeling the enemy tanks appear at the same spots again and again - but that might have been coincidence, so correct me if I'm wrong please. Was the usage of DM33 (crap) for the Leo2A5 intended though? I switched it to DM53 in the editor to compensate for my noob-factor Would love more scenarios like this, really!
  8. Daimaju

    DCS Warthog

    Best military flight sim on the market, hands down. The quality is unbelievable and the in-depth simulations of the avionics and systems make you lose connection to reality... 2hrs and you think you're a pilot Like planes? Like sims? Buy DCS!
  9. Hehe, good news, I'm looking forward to that!
  10. Well it is not the first scenario where I/we noticed the under fire spam, but you also get the text top left corner, together with the audio warning. I guess I will try it.
  11. Good idea with the sounds! It is unfortunate, but it seems like the only way to work around that.
  12. Hey guys, I wonder, is it normal that the AI literally spams the comms channel with their constant "under fire!" reports? Jeez, I got that you are under fire, no need to report EVERY round being fired on you. I "tried" to play the single mission "flank attack". I say tried because I quitted after ~3 minutes due to the never ending under fire reports. I experienced this in another mission with some friends as well, it annoyed us to the max. Another thing, while Im already at it. The gunner AI is terrible. I give him a target (Leo2A5), he says he got it, reports that he is about to shoot... then nothing. Except of telling why he does not shoot, he simply reports again "Achtung, ich schie├če!" but nothing again. I know, I know, sometimes his LOS is blocked/obstructed by bushes, trees and so on. Yet, why does he say he is about to shoot... when his intention is not to shoot?! Would a gunner in RL not simply report he has no LOS or tell the driver to maneuver so he can shoot? What is the cause of this? Bad/too basic AI scripting? Can't this be fixed? Sure, switching to the gunner position and shooting yourself is a work around... but from a simulation I expect a little more, to be honest. It should be possible to act as the TC only and be able to rely on your gunners skills a little more. ATM he is pretty much a sissy, often not engaging when he could. Or, maybe I am wrong all over the place and just missed something?
  13. They do, but not instantly. My guess is ~10 seconds. In that case I was lucky and the BRDM spawned near the dead T72. I just played the range again and observed this a couple of times, nothing special, I assume.
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