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  1. My VISA debit card information was stolen by someone in the UK last year. I lived in Japan and the card was a Japanese one. I believe it was stolen by a now defunct online flight simulation store. The card offered significantly less protection to me than an actual credit card would. They refused to reimburse me for more than the equivalent of $250 despite the amount of money siphoned from the account being closer to $500 I use a proper credit card now for most purchases. I don't like having my bank account being accessible to anyone who manages to swipe my credit card info. I especially do not trust paypal. I have worked with them both on the business side and personal side of things. They are terrible and I cannot say anything other than to avoid them. Their transaction fee is outrageously high, then on top of that they force you to use their foreign currency exchange rates and make it impossible to withdraw foreign currencies into an account without converting it to whatever the local currency is - even if the account is equipped to handle foreign currencies. Don't use paypal.
  2. I agree with you both that the position may not be perfect, and I well understand that the deployment time for the weapon may take a while, but be that as it may, even if the deployment takes 45 seconds, that is 45 seconds I have to do something else other than babysit the AI troops in front of a bridge or at the edge of a mountain draw. Sometimes the scenario designer or the AI just happens to get the ai troops into a certain circumstance where this kind of thing happens. The position may not be perfect but if the targets are there, I want to be able to shoot them. In the recent scenario I ran, I was able to kill 3 or 4 tanks with 2 or 3 individual soldiers who just happened to be in the right forest near a bridge which the enemy had decided to use as a main advance route. The ATGM delay threw a wrench in my plans but I was still able to take care of the tanks behind the first one and created a major logjam. Time is of the essence.
  3. Appreciate the replies but it still feels like a clunky solution when we really should be able to bring up the weapon pronto whenever the troops are stopped. I would not be fiddling with my map or radio to change my squad's tactics in the field if I had a target appear out of a forest 1000m in front of me.
  4. The problem is if you're on nearly flat ground with a slight ridge midway between you and the tank. The AI decides it is not in a good position and spends a LONG time running for better cover before it will let you engage. Other kinds of positions can also create this issue of lengthy cover searching. Similarly, when going into the map view, I have to press F5, then find my current unit on the map, then right click it and make sure I don't accidentally click on one of the hundreds of crisscrossing routes and battle positions on the map, then set the tactics, then go back to F7, then F2 again, and possibly more clicks or keys after that to get the desired sighting. It is just kludgy, I love that infantry are in SB now but I think this one point could be improved and make a big difference to people who spend a lot of time manually controlling infantry.
  5. My wish is for infantry ATGM sights to be available via F2 immediately, of course allowing for a short delay for weapon deployment. At the moment you have to go into the map, set the troop's tactic, then return to F7, then F2 again to get the sight up. It feels clunky. Yes, perhaps that simulates the deployment time, but it takes your eyes off the target and you lose SA. Some people have told me that if I don't have time to mess around with the map or wait for the troops to find a suitable "hull down" position with the E key, that's my own problem and I should have set the troops up in a better position in the first place, but I disagree. Sometimes a target just presents itself unexpectedly and I want to be able to fire quickly without having to mess around with the map or wait for the AI to find a hull down position. At the moment it takes 2 mouse clicks and 3 key presses (If I remember correctly) to be able to get a missile out from troops that were on the move in manual control. I suggest that pressing F2 should A) stop the troops and then B) bring up the sight as soon as the weapon is deployed.
  6. Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately in the particular situation I was in, pressing E resulted in the troops trying to walk off somewhere else, while the tanks were rolling on in front of me about 800m away. There was decent cover but according to the E key it wasn't good enough. The situation also developed too quickly to have time to create a route and try to fiddle with the menu. Is there a way to set the tactics of the current unit without using the map screen?
  7. Can someone confirm or deny whether this is the case? I recently tried some practice with ATGMs and noticed that if I manually moved infantry in the F7 view, I can't switch to the launcher sight unless I first go to the map and set the tactics of the unit to something other than the default "none". Every time the solders are moved manually the tactics reset to "none" so it makes firing an ATGM really inconvenient when you are in a serious pinch. I had a situation where several tanks were coming across a bridge and I wanted to create a blockade by killing the lead tank, but because of this behavior I lost the opportunity to kill the first tank on the bridge. Any other ways to do this properly, or advice?
  8. I played through a fairly easy scenario the other day and achieved a major victory. But when I looked at my losses I felt they were rather high, considering the relative simplicity of the mission. I lost around 4 IFV's and 2 or 3 tanks to enemy fire (all while under AI control though, never lost a vehicle I was commanding), and 1 or 2 vehicles that the AI unfortunately decided to take for a swim while I was busy in another tank. I knocked out around 20 of the enemy's tanks, IFV's and a helicopter or two. Would you consider this acceptable or not, and if not, what are your strategies to reduce losses? Especially needless losses like swimming tanks and brainless IFV's marching into the middle of an open plain.
  9. I'm able to run SB 4 on a 5 or 6 year old gaming laptop I have with decent framerates except when the thermal viewer is on and things are busy. Smoke also kills things a bit. If it's possible you might try buying a license and running SB 3 on it, or even 2.6 - 2.6 will run on everything very smoothly and though you'll miss a lot of the newer features, if you enjoy the some of the original tanks and vehicles you'll still have a lot of fun with it until you've got enough money to upgrade your PC specs.
  10. displays like oculus rift will just keep getting better. at some point they'll put a camera or two in the front of it and allow you to see your surroundings at the same time as using the headset. the technology to do that is already there but i don't think current hardware speeds can handle it; they can barely handle VR by themselves at the moment, but it will come soon, perhaps within the next 2 or 3 generations of VR. i think that VR is likely to become very important in computing in the near future. the headsets are going to shrink and shrink until you can get a moderate vr experience in something as small as google glass. it will be connected with IOT (internet of things) and when you walk around wearing it, anything you look at i.e. shops or streets will have relevant information displayed for you, controllable with retina tracking. retina tracking software is already being used for games ala trackIR, it's only a matter of time before it's miniaturized and put into a small, walkabout VR headset. i think we'll see this kind of product realized in the next 10-15 years. even though it all already exists, for some reason people have really slowed down the pace of making these kinds of products into a reality. i do agree we seem to have plateaued when it comes to game development/graphics/cpu/gpu improvements. maybe we're approaching the limits of how far this hardware can be developed. as far as graphics engines are concerned, i have a feeling that developers have started to rely more and more on prepackaged graphics engine solutions rather than develop their own. obvious economic reasons for that but it kind of paints a pessimistic future since we probably won't see any revolutionary new game or graphics engines in the near future. remember when steve jobs introduced the ipad, it was heavily derided as a useless gadget and many expected it to fail. now everyone has a tablet - and it didn't take long. star trek style technology will happen someday, if we manage not to blow up the planet with nuclear or worse weapons in the next few hundred years. much of the technology already exists in its very basic forms.
  11. Hi all. I'm an old new guy coming back to SB. I paid for an upgrade license and just got SB 4.0 running on my system and am enjoying it very much. I used to play online under the name Wargamer back in the olden days, probably from 2000 to 2003 or so on the original SB / SB Gold. Fond memories of doing online missions with veeery simple graphics. I remember playing a mission while watching the Iraqi information minister was telling live TV crews that Baghdad was not being occupied as American tanks were visible in the background. I've downloaded the Camp Hornfelt training scenarios to try to get my skills back up. Still have a little trouble getting fast target acquisition as an M1 TC, I guess I always was better in the Leos. Are there any similar training camps like Hornfelt for the other playable vehicles now? I am interested in training as an opfor kind of guy in the T-72's and other Russian equipment, I always did like to play as the bad guy.
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