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  1. Hello, there is no charge for this open beta right? I was wondering in buying the Sim, and I would like to test it, there is no problem right? till december of course
  2. Thanks for the Fast answer! So green light to that option,I am sure altrough it`s necessary to set the Postal Code/City, it is not used. Again, Thanks!
  3. Hello, Thanks for the info of the licenses. I have a question, I would like to test Steel Beasts 1 Month, but currently, I cant pay trough Paypal/Visa, So, A friend of mine will do it for me, The question is, The License will bound to his PC or that license need to be activated before? I am afraid if he buys it, It will bound to his PC One more question, Its necessary to set the City/Postal code,altrough no shipping is necessary? Salute and Thanks for your time Sorry for my english.
  4. I think its a good idea, as said by Ssnake it can atract new buyers, 10$ isnt too mutch for a mont, I like it, i will buy these suscriptions, Also I say hello, first post, Salute
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