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  1. I know "3rd gen" thermal imagers are supposed to combine LWIR and MWIR, would that do the trick?
  2. Why do they love the HESH round so much anyway? 105mm HEP in US service has generally been used as a generic HE round. For actually destroying vehicles HEAT was preferred.
  3. Now I'm American so M1A2 Abrams ├╝ber alles but I find it hard to believe that our British comrades would select a weapon rather insufficient against modern MBTs. HESH is no good against the front of such targets, and the available APFSDS seems rather lacking if these numbers are accurate. As far as I'm aware they don't have a HEAT round available either. I can understand why the single piece ammunition design would enable the latest 105mm APFSDS to best the two piece ammunition for the 120mm L11A5, but the L30A1 was supposed to be a major improvement resulting from an entire program to select
  4. Unfortunately I don't have any information on ammunition for the UK's L11A5 or L30A1 yet I find it hard to believe that the latest and greatest APFSDS ammunition for the L30A1 penetrates less than estimates for various modern 105mm APFSDS shells for the old L7A3.
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