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  1. What Rotarneg posted is what I mean with speed limits.I just find when a tank platoon is flying down a mountain that it could use a speed limiter modeled.Just wonder if this is something that could be easily remedied as its not super important.
  2. Copy,is it too much then to ask for a top speed cap per vehicle?
  3. I just have to ask knowing that this is not really important.Will the vehicles ever get a gearing system?
  4. LOL I suddenly need a cigarette....and I quit a decade ago!
  5. Maybe ask Dejawolf to do a scenario video with lots of infantry control.He makes some great videos that can broaden appeal for SB IMO.
  6. Ssnake,any chance of a video popping up that shows some of the better obstacle avoidance improvements?
  7. What about a faster reaction time only if battle sight range is selected?
  8. Exactly what I thought!.Why would a snack bar truck be riding around in Iraq?:luxhello:
  9. Germans have always been the most stylish war machine IMO.I think Leopards are best looking tank and same with WW2 planes as the German planes and markings were very slick looking to me and many others from what I have read.
  10. The reason so many videos show players rarely in the TC unbuttoned view is that its easier to see when using F8 due to the narrower FOV.If we could hit a button for the same narrower FOV as F8 I think more videos would show TC unbuttoned position as default. If I may ask a dev,is the view when unbuttoned distorted when you have a narrower FOV?
  11. Is that Ollie's Snack bar or Allahu Akbar I wonder?
  12. Better tank IMO is better views around the tank.We all have lost tanks from not seeing enemies who then fire on the flanks or rear.This got me thinking that the driver and loader should have cameras setup that they can view the sides.The LEO2 tanks have the rear camera and just adding in two more in the drivers compartment would save alot of tanks.The loader could also monitor cameras even.
  13. Try rebooting as that fixed a past issue of not recognizing the dongle for me.Also try different usb ports.For some strange reason my usb ports sometimes don't work and when I plug into a different port it fixes it.:c:
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