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  1. Looks nice, especially the manual. Does anybody know if a stand-alone purchase of the manual will be made available? If so, when and what is potential cost? If asked somewhere else, feel free to point me to the post. Thanks!
  2. Hello, great to see the map downloads available as preload and looking forward to Monday. Dumb question. Thought I had seen several posts refer to the fact the map files would be 30GB or so and that is why USB sticks were being offered. When I downloaded all the files today, my total was only around 13GB which is pretty small (comparatively to other games). Did I not download the right thing? Or was the 30GB referring to after the maps were installed versus the install files? Although I just did an install and the folder they installed to was only 13.5GB...so a little confused on the past 30GB statements. Thanks.
  3. Is there any ability to modify the font colors of the game? On my computer screen in all games, having RED font on BLACK background is very hard to read...and even having RED for some of the status messages in upper corner is difficult. Some of the messages that come up take a lot of effort to figure out because of this.
  4. Thanks for the responses. Yes, second profile would work but was just looking to see if alternate method but I am sure that will be fine....opening in editor is a possibility as well.
  5. Is there a way to play missions and such and not record the results in the user profile record screen? There are times I am just testing and messing around, which I would prefer not being counted against my official record. I know I could create a second profile but wanted to check if another way. Also, does anyone know which directory and file profiles saved in? Are they viewable outside the game or somehow hidden? thanks.
  6. Hello, Just wondering, are the custom scenarios (especially single player) created by the community usually hosted at this site under the "downloads" section or are there other popular sites where people host them as well?
  7. How long ago did you register? It seems early on before late Friday it might have worked, but since then not so much. So if you did it prior, then that is the difference then the rest of us.
  8. I am in a business that I deal with a ton of vendors who support our company's customers and even if they don't have active support people monitoring support lines/email, they all have automated monitoring systems checking for system faults and server errors and if they occur, they alert support personnel who are contacted to troubleshoot the issue even on the weekends. I realize in this particular case the product is a game/simulator that certainly isn't the same magnitude as financial systems, but I imagine their products are used for other business purposes that are more critical to customers so you would think they would have something in place to proactively identify issues. Of course this would assume that whatever the issue is can be trapped by monitors. At the end of the day not a huge deal to me because it is just entertainment, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't extremely excited to read about the release yesterday, but only to be disappointed to find out I couldn't ultimately register it to play. That is actually flattery for the game since I am very interested to give it a try:)
  9. Hello, weren't you having issues registering the product (saw you post in the issue thread)? Did you somehow get it working in order to see the new version?
  10. Did you recently just register your upgrade within the last 12 hours?
  11. Already tried all that including doing it manually and upgrading firmware No luck.
  12. One thing I noticed is that my link for the upgrade license is different than my link for my original purchase back in July. I know the license code would be different, but it is a different URL. For grins, I tried going to the old URL but using my new license code and the page came up that everyone else was seeing. However, when I attempted to register using that page, I still got an error but a different one. Maybe this error is more specific and provides better clues. Error: [10037] - Activation was not successful.(Error adding new product item HIP ProgrammingError (wibucmhip: CM 9009, Firm Security Box Access failed, Firm Security Box Entry 99:100146, ErrorCode9009).) This is the url of my original purchase: https://lc.codemeter.us/esim/ticket/<<insert actual license code>> This is the url of my upgrade purchase: https://lc.codemeter.us/esim/webdepot/get.php?id=<<insert actual license code>> I am NOT encouraging people to try the steps I am trying since I have no idea what it may do, but thought I would share my experiences in case it seems familiar to others.
  13. sorry, GMT-5....live in the Eastern time zone of the United States.
  14. I am also one of the unlucky folks having issues...just curious, has anyone been successful in upgrading their license since about midnight last night? It would be helpful to know if everyone is receiving this issue or just select people. Thanks.
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