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  1. Tonight, and for the first time this decade, I decided fire up Steel Beasts and get back in the proverbial saddle. Sending some virtual DU down range definitely brought back some fond memories and made it pretty obvious I hadn't played this simulation in 5 years lol. I'm not sure why I randomly decided to fire it back up, but I"m glad I did. It's been a long time since I hopped on this forum, and a lot of life has happened in between, but I'm glad there are still some familiar faces around, and Nils is still improving his masterpiece. I can't believe this thing has been around for almost 15 years now. I'm certainly a lot busier now than I was when I started playing as a teenager, but when I get the rust scraped off, I look forward to mixing it up with you guys again. -SCUD
  2. All MPs suck. Yesterday I got pulled over for driving too slow. I'm driving down a street on base where the speed limit is like 25 MPH, and I'm going like 10-15 and pass an MP. He does a U-turn behind me and pulls me over. The conversation goes like this: MP - "Why you driving like 10 MPH on my street 'bro?" (Note how he calls it "my street" because obviously MPs own the base and I'm just priviledged to live and work there.) Me - "Well, my chain of command put out that the next guy to get a speeding ticket on base is going to be crucified." (The previous guy did a 26mi. road march w/45lb. ruck. The next guys, PSG, SL, and TL will have to come to work on Sat.) MP - "Well, you know you can get a ticket for driving too slowly too." Me - "Yes, what is the speed minimum on this road." (I know there isn't one.) MP - "Well, there isn't one, but you can still get a ticket for impeding traffic" (My car was the only vehicle on my side of the road.) Me - "Was there anyone behind me?" MP - "No, but I can still give you a ticket for impeding traffic." (I fucking dare you. You fucking douche bag. Give me a ticket for impeding imaginary traffic.) Me - "Ok....." MP - "Well....just drive like 25 man you'll be good." Me - "Ya, ok, have a nice night." Please note, I like law enforcement officers, and all the ones I have delt with have always been reasonable, but MPs are just faggots. (At least the ones on Ft. Benning. Sorry if you are an MP somewhere else, you are probably a decent guy.)
  3. On a related note, Sabaton has a good song titled "Panzer Battalion" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeE3Twf6B1I
  4. Here is another couple that will drink to that. LOL, and I'd almost forgotten about that picture.
  5. I remember waiting, and waiting and waiting, and then there was something about toast........then there was SB Pro :-D
  6. Actually, I recently read about an Army project which will fix the problems with the ACU camo. Most people have suggested adopting a different uniform, such as one that will actually blend in with the environment, however the Army has a better plan. They are just going to spray paint everything in Iraq with ACU textured spray paint. It's an ambitious project but the DoD says it can be completed by 2015, and for a mere $26 billion. If reality doesn't match your perception...change reality. And to think people complained about ACUs....
  7. Hey thanks guys. Looking forward to playing on Saturday. Hopefully everything will work out. Now I just need to do some re-training before I embarrass myself....
  8. I'm back! I'm trunk as hell right now, but watch out this weekend. SCUD is back in the game. Love you guys.
  9. In honor of your wise decision, I'm going to add a new line to my signature: Steel Beasts...You know it's more important.
  10. My Dad actually read a review of it at SimHQ in late 2000 (He doesn't play Sim games though, so I don't know why.) He downloaded the demo of it and I played the hell out of it all next year. He got me the full version as a Christmas present in 2001. I was 15 then....now I'm 22. Damn, doesn't seem like that long ago. Of course, I pre-ordered the Pro version ;-)
  11. Here are some specs: C-17 Payload: 170,900 lb Length: 174 ft (53 m) Wingspan: 169.8 ft (51.75 m) Height: 55.1 ft (16.8 m) Max takeoff weight: 585,000 lb (265,350 kg) Powerplant: 4× Pratt & Whitney F117-PW-100 turbofans, 40,440 lbf (180 kN) each Fuel capacity: 35,546 US gal (134,556 L) Cruise speed: Mach 0.76 (450 knots, 515 mph, 830 km/h) Range: 2,420 nmi[71] (2,785 mi, 4,482 km) Service ceiling 45,000 ft (13,716 m) C-5 Payload: 270,000 lb (120,000 kg) Length: 247 ft 1 in (75.3 m) Wingspan: 222 ft 9 in (67.89 m) Height: 65 ft 1 in (19.84 m) Wing area: 6,200 ft² (580 m²) Empty weight: 380,000 lb (170,000 kg) Max takeoff weight: 840,000 lb (381,000 kg) Powerplant: 4× General Electric TF39 high-bypass turbofans, 43,000 lbf (190 kN) each Maximum speed: Mach 0.79 (500 knots, 570 mph, 920 km/h) Range: 2,400 nmi (2,761 mi, 4,445 km) with a 263,200 lb payload Service ceiling 34,000 ft (10.4 km)
  12. Nice pics. If you think the C-17 is big though, you should check out a C-5. I remember getting out of our C-17 in Ramstein and seeing one sitting in a hangar. Thing was rediculous.
  13. Reminds me of that tank from Command & Conquer.
  14. More like, gunner, sabot, troops. :-D
  15. Unless your country happens to be in Africa or South America, then it's ok to slaughter people wholesale.
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