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  1. clay > women fight better with it than men.
  2. "He's dead, Jim!" > All those new guys wearing red shirts in Star Trek (they never last long)
  3. barber shop music > elevator music
  4. tango > tango down! Obj secured.
  5. to much...to much > what the ladies say to BW :wink:
  6. Gas mask > MOPP suit (It's a blister agent afterall.)
  7. blister agent > mustard gas
  8. You drive up that road until you get blown up - where's the difficulty in that? > Woman driver
  9. iocaine powder > My name is Indigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!
  10. The Princess Bride > Inconceivable!
  11. (when I looked/drooled over the cover some time ago) > some things you don't forget with old age.
  12. who says PINK isn't a man's color? (old Hustler Magazine cover of black babe/girl bent over showing pink) hehehe > And you know this because? (LOL)
  13. pink mist society > girls wearing pink mist :shock:
  14. MythBusters > They never found the bodies.
  15. Alcatraz > Escape from Alcatraz (Good Clint Eastwood movie)
  16. this is RED6, contact tanks! > I'll take them myself! Cover me!
  17. nothing is 100% > except my target range accuracy :wink:
  18. pizza > most popular food in the world?
  19. Back To The future > Michael J. Fox
  20. with my Brother's in Arms > Ooh your a killing machine, in desert tan or Army green.
  21. Hey, I have an idea. Let's do Lyrics week on the Word Association game. Every reply is some lyrics from a song. Ok I'll start: Friends all tried to warn me, but I held my head up high
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