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  1. Combine that with the power of 550 cord and you'll be unstoppable.
  2. Here ya go Ssnake. ;-) http://www.mfers420.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=343&sid=df3ecdc3f6f75dee783be7ba679ba328
  3. Maybe SB should make you PMCS your vehicle and set headspace and timing on the M2 before starting a mission.
  4. Looks like a good time. Sorry I missed it. I had airfields to seize and shit.
  5. LMFAO. I almost cried laughing so hard. Maybe if he wasn't wearing a man-dress he could run faster.
  6. Wow you guys are such badasses for murdering that little puppy. I bet you feel like real men now. You can go home and fuck your girlfriends like the studs you truly are. Tell them all kinds of great war stories of how you closed with and destroyed the enemy. If you hadn't killed that puppy, God only knows what would have happened. We'd probably have lost the GWOT. I'm really impressed. You've done your country a great service by creating that video and distributing it on the internet.
  7. The holocaust never happened.
  8. Darn 12Alfa, you didn't seem that old when I met you, but I guess you were only 50 then ;-).
  9. Ya, I know I know. Steel Beasts is more important. I need to get my priorities straight. Thanks for squaring me away.
  10. Formations are entirely METT-TC dependent. What are your Mission objectives and constraints? What is the disposition and strength of the Enemy? What spacing and formations are they using? How much Time do you have to reach your OBJ, ORP, or BP? What Tactics are the enemy using? What type of Terrain will you be moving across. What type of terrain will you be moving onto? Are there any Civilian considerations? (Not applicable to SB at this time of course...) All these factors go into my decision as to what formations and spacing to use.
  11. Hey sorry I had to sit this one out. We had a fairwell party for our 1SG and one of our PSGs and I have a SOM board I need to get ready for over the weekend.
  12. LOL. Nice, but I still want one of these first:
  13. Good to see you back stateside McDlt....er in your case I guess provincial side ;-)
  14. It sounds like he came when Pro PE arrived.
  15. I have another way: Suppository. http://darwinawards.com/darwin/darwin2007-13.html
  16. Ya. Intercontinental ballistics calculations can be tricky. ;-)
  17. Wow he gets it up to about MACH 14. Pretty impressive for an 18 wheeler.
  18. You're Winner! This game was so infamous that it spawned its own religion: Rigism http://www.yourewinner.com/index.php?topic=38.0 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Rigs:_Over_the_Road_Racing
  19. That's nothing. In real life, I can shoot at targets 1600km away...with my M4.
  20. Pacific Daylight Standard Time, which is GMT -8 hrs. So 1900 PDST 16 FEB = 2200 16 FEB EST = 0300 GMT 17 FEB. Hope you are an early riser (or a night owl.)
  21. LMFAO! That is the most rediculous video I have ever seen of Pro PE. Nice work Koga lol, fricken hilarious. Take it easy on those 'shrooms man.
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