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  1. Fri 2200 to Sat 0400 EST (0300 -0900 GMT) Sat 2200 to Sun 0400 EST
  2. This is the bad guy's side right? If so, sign me up. :-D
  3. Well, I was going to get on tonight, but I ran into technical difficulties. Should be online by next week at least.
  4. People need to learn to make time for the important things in life. Obviously this is a lesson RolandB needs to be taught. Choke yourself, Roland.
  5. French -> Cheese-eating surrender monkeys. Canada -> That thing underneath all the snow.
  6. Hey welcome back. Hope you get your connection issues resolved.
  7. How I love those little girls 14, 13 even younger, how they satisfy my hunger... Chingka, Cha-Chingka, Cha-Chink Er wait, I guess that song wouldn't be appropriate on this forum... ;-)
  8. You know what else we need in SB ASAP....chicks. Friggen sausage fest around here.... Just my $.02 for the day.
  9. My guess would be an undisclosed location somewhere in Switzerland. But that's just me...
  10. camping and killing bunny hoppers in FPS > HEAD SHOT!
  11. glory > gory glory what a hell of a way to die
  12. art of the eye > art of the ear
  13. Did ya check there Topkick? > A day that shall live forever in infamy.
  14. Yes, but remember, it took 6 years to go from SB to ProPE. So another 1.5-2 years for SB2 doesn't sound very unrealistic.
  15. eSim games does offer a demonstration version (A full version with an expiration date) if you are a prospective military customer who is interested in using Pro PE to train with in your unit. If you are just a gamer who wants to check it out, then your pretty much out of luck as far as a demo is concerned. SB2 will probably have a demo. (At least I would imagine.)
  16. That sounds like a pretty good guess to me actually. If not 2008, then late 2007.
  17. SB2 is not due soon. Steel Beasts: Professional Personal Edtion (SBPPE) is the latest release from eSim games (That's what "this" is.). It provides the new graphical engine which will be used in SB2, but it is designed for military training on an individual basis. Steel Beasts 2 will be the next true sequel to SB. It will be oriented towards gamers and sim fans in general.
  18. shotgun wedding > shotgun boogie
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