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  1. Jamie's got a gun > Cheney's got a gun
  2. I had a 2.0 ghz (3000+) Athlon, 512mb RAM, and a GF4 Ti4200 (128mb) 8x AGP card. I was able to play the game at playable framerates (800 * 600 x 16bit) though on occasions it became very choppy when viewing long distances. (8-10 FPS) I beat the instant action mission with this setup, so I guess the framerates couldn't have been too poor.
  3. TK, did you check there? > LMFAO That's what happened! Mrs. Topkick "borrowed" his dongle!
  4. Daddy, I flunked sex education. > Who's pregnant?
  5. Might want to make this a sticky in the Mods section?
  6. Nuts! > General Anthony C. McAuliffe
  7. hanged by the neck until dead > Leatherneck
  8. killed more people than Kursk > time
  9. no one made it home alive > Just your average MP game casualty ratio
  10. And if you're accustomed to interspecies porn, the hairy hands provide some unforeseen benefits. > The wisdom of HellHound
  11. Neve Campbell and Denise Richards > Just 2 entries in HH's enormous collection. ( http://www.steelbeasts.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=5778 )
  12. no one's beaten me in months > You've beaten yourself.
  13. Mmmm, meaty sinuses > 40 lb. steak
  14. look at the big pretty mushroom cloud > Don't worry. Nuclear Mario will eat it and turn into Really Big Nuclear Mario
  15. this far behind enemy lines, anyway > Special Forces
  16. who apparently forgot to remove the antlers and red nose from the hound > As soon as the New Years Eve hangover wears off.
  17. And just how many people here are going to spend 1k on a graphics card to play Pro PE?
  18. girls gone wild!! > Call of the Wild
  19. the rest of me is way below the surface > of a tall mug of beer
  20. I used to be like you, kid > you poor bastard!
  21. Have you taken your meds today? > Look at me - take your meds.
  22. I'm not fat!! I'm just big boned! > No honey, you're fat
  23. wipe your feet > on your enemy > wipe your ass on your friends
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