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  1. embiggen > get embiggened, with Diongra!
  2. I ain't your daddy kid! > Just how sure are you?
  3. burnin' rubber > in the wrong place, can be a bad thing > especially when it involves a contraceptive
  4. pocket aces > open-ended straight-flush draw
  5. OBJECTION !! (The Prosecutor) > Objection overruled (the Judge)
  6. honestly your Honor, I didn't know she was sixteen > She was born when SB was released, so I thought she was at least 20....
  7. be wery wery quiet, I'm hunting wabbits... > He went thatawa Doc'
  8. And awakes to find himself astride a gooey pillow. > :shock: T.M.I.
  9. tick tock, tick tock > Captain Hook
  10. this recruit stepped on the DI's hat in the chow hall > better to step on a landmine
  11. happy memories of DIs > happy memories of DIs = no memories of DIs
  12. the private has been instructed but he does not know > you slimy scum back get on your face and give me 25
  13. Hey! That's my good eye! > The all seeing eye
  14. Where the sun wont shine, and soap wont help > Sherman's ass
  15. but then, beaver is always in season > yes but there are age and size regulations
  16. barfing wildebeast > farting elephant
  17. dropping like the proverbial rock > there is a proverb about a rock?
  18. name of the carpet that won the annual flying carpet competition held in the middle east > see how well Sadam can fly a carpet....off a 20 story building.
  19. thus the plea bargan > serious post count inflation going on here :lol:
  20. (Sorry I couldn't help pulling back this one, it is just too good) fastrope down Howard Dean's nose hair > Hairborne Rangers
  21. when you don 't know where the enemy is > That's when I kill you.
  22. so she is high speed eh? > she has alot of bandwidth though
  23. the day where we all get hammered? > The day SB Pro PE comes out
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