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  1. Superheroes who can't be eaten > Name one that got eaten
  2. Cape Use 201 > The Incredibles
  3. deep throat > where Elf puts Sherman's big head
  4. It's not the fall that kills, it's the sudden stop > Blood upon the risers
  5. It's good to be King... > Wake up with the King... :shock:
  6. Tricks is for kids > and Michael Jackson is a magician...
  7. Hilary Clinton? > Pray to be eaten first. ( http://www.geocities.com/tribhis/cthulhutract.html )
  8. So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking > There was a house in New Orleans / They called the rising sun
  9. means time is running out > no one told you when to run / you missed the starting gun
  10. Hmmm, sounds fun, can I join in? > Ok, Rock Paper Scissors to decide who gets two.
  11. What?! No Indian, Pakistani, or Filipino girls? > That's tonight.
  12. and how to 'set the spike' > I'd really like one of those Swedish blondes to "serve" me.
  13. unless u r like me and serving time in the swedish girls vollyball team prison. > what do you have to do to get sent to such a horrid place?
  14. they all say that. its genetic > Even Adam didn't believe her.
  15. In as best a feminine voice as I can do > I'd like to hear that
  16. say the guilty > "I didn't know it was loaded..."
  17. the wheel of death > the tread of abomination
  18. eloquent as a cop > honest as a politician
  19. Another Brick in the Wall > All in all, you're just...
  20. another one bites the dust! > Queen
  21. I want to help children and work for world peace > Whatever...
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