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  1. Koen

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    Thank you, Jartsev ! ๐Ÿ˜Š
  2. Koen

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    I still have these on my computer, see screenshot. 1. Are they replaced by the SBMapPackageInstaller ? 2. Are they replaced by the SB Pro Map Package Transfer Manager v.31 ? 3. Do I keep them or do I uninstall them ? thx !
  3. SB is still good and has quite advanced since 2013 Iโ€™m playing it almost not anymore, no time etc ... But you will have some good time with it. Welcome back (again) !
  4. Real men donโ€™t make back-ups. They just cry.
  5. Interesting books, esp. the first one ! thx !
  6. Were these guys lost ? What were they doing there so close to the Iranian lines ?
  7. Sad news. Condolences to his family.
  8. Koen


    Tf Adm. looks interesting, Thank you
  9. Koen


    Thx all for yr comments!
  10. Koen


    Battle of Midway: any advice pls on a PC- or boardgame to โ€œplayโ€ this? Thx!
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