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  1. So, I updated this older scenario from pre-2006 (!) to SB Pro PE 4.259. Incredible that such an old scenario still works well in today's SB ! And IMHO it's still an exciting scenario ! Not thx to me - but simply bcs it's based on the book of John Antal: "Armor Attacks - The Tank Platoon" !! Uploaded now (pending approval of a moderator) Last question pls: In the Zipfile of the scenario I also added the MAPS: a) package "AA-CROMPTONRI": this package a TER file (actually twice & identical, strangely enough) and an LNT file and a
  2. Koen

    ReShade ?

    Is anyone still using ReShade ? And does it still work well ? Asking given the problems that made Japo32 uninstall ReShade ... https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/13252-where-are-my-beautiful-particles-reshade-is-the-culprit-resolved/?tab=comments#comment-214421 How it looks:
  3. I proceded with the 2nd option and simply extracted the map. => That works ! Now I have: * a Package with a TER and LNT file (both called "AA-CROMPTONRI") * a HGT file (called CROMPTONRI) Doesn't matter that I'm a bit confused - maps are complex. THX for your help !
  4. Hi, Converting an old SB1-scenario with legacy AA-CROMPTONRI.ter & CROMPTONRI.raw. I did find on my computer CROMPTONRI.raw - but NOT AA-CROMPTONRI.ter (search full PC + see screenshot 2) So I skipped option 1: locate the map & convert it into a map package Instead I went for the 2nd option: extract the map. The Map Extraction Wizard however mentions: "AA-CROMPTONRI.ter. Embedded terrain map exists !" Map Extraction Wizard also strongly recommends the original TER (see screenshot 3) -> What a
  5. Hi, I'd like to unzip this older SB1-scenario of mine, to upgrade it to SB Pro PE. Question pls: which UNZIP-program is trustworthy ? Plenty of "free" unzip-programs available in the Microsoft Store, but free does not exist ... Thx !
  6. Thank you all for the good tips. Indeed it works ... if the charger cable IS plugged in šŸ˜µ + 60 FPS (sometimes + 40 FPS). BUT if the charger cable is NOT plugged in, it will not use the discrete GPU ... back to 15 FPS ... So same as for you, Scrapper_511, HP Support Community confirms your advice, stormrider_sp: Solved: Re: FPS Drops when switching to battery - HP Support Community - 7701264 All laptops will only game at half or less their rating when on battery only. This is absolutely normal. They do this to co
  7. Mysterious: * WIN 10: I linked SB to Nvidia RTX * Nvidia Panel: I linked SB to Nvidia RTX (and restarted) * Task Manager: shows that SB runs on GPU-0, that is Nvidia RTX * but I have 15 FPS What would be the reason ? Am I doing something monumentally stupid ? (I can upload pics)
  8. .../... and ran a first test, the Hasty Defense-scenario, on default settings. The result: 10 - 15 FPS šŸ™‚ -> What should I look into first ? Tx !
  9. Wise words. THX all for your helpful advice ! I ordered this machine: HP Gaming laptop OMEN 15-en0014nb (2Z9C6EA) AMD Ryzen 7 4800H RAM: 16 GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB 1140 EUR (reduced max. budget after consultation with das Ubercommando-des-Hauses) Will let you know how this works with SB Hey, I'm happy, a dream became true šŸ˜Š For memo, a review of a similar machine, HP Omen 15-en0375ng but with 60 Hz display instead of 144 Hz: HP Omen 15 laptop Review: Strong AMD processor makes Intel tremble - No
  10. Iā€™m on the fence indeed: * With my current laptop I play on average at some 25-30 FPS (or lower or more) * A new laptop would bring this up to + 40 FPS, I guess => Is a difference of 10 - 15 FPS very visible ? => Does it make a difference in gameplay ? (pls help me off the fence šŸ˜Ž) NB current laptop has a Geforce GTX 860m from ca. 2015. Kudos to SB that I still get 25/30 FPS with such old hardware āœŠ
  11. RE "uninstall SB Pro PE and older versions of the Map Transfer Tools" 1) Where can I find the Map Transfer Tools on my computer ? For now I found on my computer these two files (apart to SB Pro PE): a) Steel Beasts Legacy Map Installer version 1.0 - 556 Mb - 20/08/2019 b) Steel Beasts Maps version 1.0 - 13.6 Gb - 13/03/2020 => Which one of those two is the Map Transfer Tools ? => Which one of those two should I uninstall ? both, or only one of them or none of them ? 2) Map Transfer Tools: Is this
  12. @stormrider_sp 1. BUDGET: max. 1500 EUR 2. 144hz monitor: Actually the goal is a) do light stuff in word, excel etc & b) gaming: well I only play 1 game: SB (no joke) I wrote "144 hz", just bcs I saw it mentioned elsewhere & bcs I'm PC hardware illiterate Maybe SB does not require 144 hz ? thx ! @Ssnake Helpful, thx ! The External GPU-idea is interesting RE "the mostest-core CPU": the pricerange I'm looking at (1500 EUR) seems to be limited to max. 6 cores => is this OK for today's SB ? (or is it alre
  13. Hi all, Iā€™m trying to make a simple list of system requirements in order to buy a new laptop. => The aim: play SB with average 40 FPS and that for the next 5 years. I based this list on the information mentioned on the forum. Also, I had a look at the system requirements mentioned on the eSim-site: https://www.esimgames.com/?post_type=elementor-popup&p=1160 => 2 questions pls: 1. Is this list more or less complete and correct ? 2. And in what order of priority could I rank the points on the list below ?
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