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  1. .../... but my dongle that was lost for 3 months is now found again (I kept searching, knew it had to be somewhere) It even survived a washing machine I can pick up my life again 😊
  2. Hi, IF correct, great news for the Belgian players ! Is that a BEL camo in the video (guess so) ? From mil.be on the Piranha: 64 veh, 7 variants, replacing all Leo’s, AIFV & M113 https://m.mil.be/nl/materiaal/piranha-df90 And all Bel veh: https://m.mil.be/nl/material-type/voertuigen
  3. Merkava 3 & 4 (the latter with Trophy)
  4. Koen

    We love photos

    Done. Good idea.
  5. Shocking indeed 😢
  6. Indeed, thank you !
  7. Koen


    Exciting news ! Looking forward to all the new stuff !!
  8. Looking forward to that ! Easter ? (okay: IRWIR - it’s ready when it’s ready ...)
  9. FYI & FWIW: a game on renovating tanks ! http://tankmechanic.degenerals.com/game/
  10. Nice, looks good Some questions pls: * Tactical game ? (guess so ...) * No infantry ? (so be it) * Micromanagemental ? * Enough scenario’s available ? * Gamewise, what would an SB-gamer miss here, or ... discover here ? * Can the original game still be bought ? Brings back memories of SB1 ! Thank you, Koen
  11. Merry Xmas from Belgium !
  12. With the Source & Drain regions you can also build quickly some simple (arcadelike) scenarios. Or even vy big Kursk scenario’s. Although S.D.R. was initially meant for civ’s.
  13. Hi Captain C, what would be the advantage of that ? rgds K
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