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  1. TOP ! Thx a lot to the team for all the work !
  2. Releasedate of the releasenotes: any view maybe ? (not that it matters just happily looking forward to 4.1 😊)
  3. Question for Ssnake (in between the work on the release notes ...): AFAIK a lot of work was done on a new suspension model, see SimHQ forum. Could you explain a bit more if and why the new terrain made this necessary ? Guess this was not done just for looks. IOW if the suspension model hadn’t been changed, how would this coped or not with the new terrain ? Thx !
  4. No Dutch translator needed ? (Belgian army ? Dutch army ?) Rgds
  5. Older but exciting video of someone using a voice control program, Glovepie, with SB. Now Glovepie’s EULA interdicts its use for military simulators, so I only show this as an example of how voice recognition can increase immersion enormously ! Guess I will definitely try Voice Attack
  6. Wow WoW WOW ! (these are future wow’s, see comment Ssnake below)
  7. Not that it matters to the world, but my order is sent 🙂🤜✌️
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