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  1. Were these guys lost ? What were they doing there so close to the Iranian lines ?
  2. Sad news. Condolences to his family.
  3. Koen


    Tf Adm. looks interesting, Thank you
  4. Koen


    Thx all for yr comments!
  5. Koen


    Battle of Midway: any advice pls on a PC- or boardgame to “play” this? Thx!
  6. Questions from Ssnake (okay, not sure if he wanted this to be answered literally): 1. Who of you can claim with confidence to having mastered more than three different fire control system families? How long did it take you? => No, I don’t. Playing often in F8 or from the map 2. Do you know the difference between a Retreat route and a Retreat condition? => Yes 3. Is Steel Beasts a computer game among many for you, or is it a hobby of its own? => The latter 4. What are the things that you personally are struggling with? => I miss a bit well developed SP scenario’s, e.g. with a non-static but dynamic RED AI-opponent. E.g. scenario’s as the ones of PanzerLeader. I also miss scenario’s using/showcasing the additions to SB since the various last updates. 5. I would like you to observe yourself for a while playing Steel Beasts, trying to identify the "blind spots" you have developed over time towards things that you don't know exactly how to make work, so you "fudge around" them, and to report them here. => see nr 1: fudging around via F8 & mapview - and yet still enjoying SB a lot by playing it as such. 6. All in all: personally I don’t need more complexity in SB (underused anyway), esp. not in the form of many more vehicles. Gameplay-changers still welcome. Even better visuals, more varied cities. Trains & deer & cows & butterflies Interactive tutorials: good idea !
  7. The variable intro-screens. Neat !
  8. SB works really great for this.
  9. Koen

    We love photos

    T-34 in frozen action, Debrecen, Hungary memorial for the October 1944 battle
  10. Koen

    We love photos

    Oh noes, a T-55 advancing in Hungary !? Civilians are trying to stop it ? And a “D-944” (?)
  11. Good to know ! We left on holiday, so checking later Beste groet !
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