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  1. Europe’s roads and railways aren’t fit for a fight with Russia EU struggles to reverse years of neglect on spending to improve road and rail to shift troops and tanks. https://www.politico.eu/article/europe-military-mobility-budget-slammed-as-almost-nothing-to-tackle-russia-challenge/
  2. Russian convoy, probably hit by direct fire or arty. They don’t seem to be evading, not moving at all ?? (but video is probably edited to show only hits) Question: why are they not moving (IF not) ? (courtesy to Tanknet for the info)
  3. I’d use the TACP mainly for recon (and to call in arty) => OK or am I missing something ? tx ! https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Piranha_IIIC
  4. So did an exercise in the wadi south of the FOB. It’s only half as deep as the one near Muzcal, but still gives an idea: -> T-72 has a hard time climbing out of wadi, actually it’s impossible … -> Other units: possible in most cases, but they need babysitting … So need to put the T-72’s on a vantage point, looking out over Muzcal (if any). And let them protect from there the IFV that climb up to Muzcal And memo to myself: Investigate if using the helo’s to insert soldiers on the plateau where Muzcal lies, is a good idea, or just extremely dangerous … It’s going to be a fun-mission !
  5. Helpful, tx ! Mortar AO: aha ! and will do an exercise with the troops before moving out: which unit can best deal with the steep wadi walls
  6. Hi all, Trying out Apocalypse_Baghlan Blues 3.0.0 Looks splendid ! Will write a review here. But need some tactical advice pls: 1. Which units of FOB would IRL be best used as Scouts or Vanguard for the taskforce based in FOB ? I'm not familiar enough with: AMV XA-360 - Piranha-IIIC TACP And then there are of course the BMP & T-72 2. The Mortar Teams in FOB: how to transport them ? Helo ? other unit ? 3. There is no road into Muzcal ? How to get out of that Wadi, into that village ? only footsoldiers ? Thx for any advice that could be shared !
  7. (a question before I take up Mark's time) About "And add your server IP to server search list... and remember to hit Apply" How do I find my Server IP ? is it the IPv4-adress ? (my son added that one to the server search list, but still had licence-failure) Or is it another type of adress ? thx !
  8. That would be great - also to talk after all these years ! PM being sent
  9. Hi, I bought a secondary licence, to play at home with my son. 1. And I followed the steps as in the 2 tutorial video's: A short video guide for secondary licenses is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U_mBVzjbxA Please watch this tutorial video for assistance configuring your license server: https://youtu.be/HP_mvKtppnk So I believe I shared the licence. 2. My son installed SB 3. What I don't find is how my son can "configure his codemeter software to search for my IP address" => Could someone babystep me through this pls ? Thx !
  10. Re-reading: Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy Still enthralling ! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/318525.Red_Storm_Rising
  11. Thx Apocalypse Nice that it’s a short video. But this is not only SB ?? 🙂
  12. "follow the leader (L button)" Interesting feature & helpful video Thx !
  13. Koen

    Trying something new

    Fun ! 😊 (where can I buy one ?)
  14. Great pics and lot’s of foxes where you live ? (and interesting comments all, thx)
  15. Welcome back, Skybird ! A dose of SB from time to time is still healthy ! 🙂
  16. Actually, I was hoping the scenario would not stop: I was going to let it literally run for the next 7 hours and then, when daylight was back, resume the operation 😊 Because you got me into it … (and I had set up inf patrols around the leaguer, as a night attack in yr scenario would not have been impossible 😎) NB I’ll have a quick look at yr other scenario’s.
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