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  1. 1. Lack of free time 2. And not easy to find an original scenario-idea 3. Creating the actual scenario is great fun ! But also very timeconsuming, especially the testing ! Here’s an idea 💡: Create scenario’s in a collaborative effort, in order to reduce the workload and to increase the quality of the scenario’s 4 ppl work together: a) the scenariodesigner: He gives serious thought 💭 to developing an exciting and fresh STORY, a problem that needs to be solved. He also creates the MAP Then he passes on stor
  2. Thx Bond_Villian ! (but I'm only into SP, not MP, mainly due to lack of time) Take 5 Fresh courage + new plan: Flank ENY from BOTH flanks: South as before, but also from North. This means dividing up the COY in 2 groups, that are km away from each other, that may risk firing on each other => Question pls: would this be done in real life ? The result: * 400 points out of 1000, as we held the main OBJ, * but that still counts as a defeat OK, I can't win this one (as happened in 1967 as well, I guess, in
  3. Thx Tankhunter 12:10 !
  4. Take 🎬 4: * Not only the TKS move forward to flank the ENY, but also the AMX, as these were underused. * 💡: Stay away from ENY INF and their RPG-7 (firing range: 300 m) * I remained in the CO M113 & ordered movements of the various PLT with triggers: very immersive, great fun 😊 ! Issues & result: * PLT getting entangled when all rushing to more or less the same spot at the same time… * Retreat: ordered too late 🙁 & too slow in reverse * Most units destroyed in 15 min !!! 😳 Buuut, I may have a better idea More about it tomorr
  5. Hi, Hereby a short battle report on OP 1973 Sinai-Chinese Farm - 1st scenario - this to: 1) say thx to the scenario designer (Volcano) for his efforts 2) maybe spark some tactical discussions. I played this sencario 3 times - and lost also 3 times 😊 1st take: * No plan * Just move the tanks towards the open space between Obj SAUL & Obj GOLIATH & we'll see what happens. Actually we hope to stop the enemy there * And move the AMX to Obj DAVID to occupy this objective, to gain victorypoints * Result: a short mission, where
  6. Welcome, Spuky. Not much I can add to the above good advice, except maybe this: From the WIKI, “A Practical Guide to Quick Planning” https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Planning_Phase#A_Practical_Guide_to_Quick_Planning
  7. Israel Missiles and interception-missiles Frightening in the cities
  8. Great to have such a long term fan around, 2000 ! And thx for updating your campaign, looking forward to playing it. SB is a rich and interesting tool to create scenario’s ... Best !
  9. Didn’t hear about this book yet: “The Chieftains” by Bob Forrest-Webb A positive review: http://coldwarhot.blogspot.com/2011/02/book-review-chieftains-wwiii-novel.html?m=1
  10. Status of the work on this scenario: 1. Currently re-reading the book & analysing how to turn it into a scenario. Will take some time 2. Next step: embellish the map 3. Then: create the scenario Just fyi, as you all helped me out.
  11. Hi all, This scenario is based on the great book of John Antal: "Armor Attacks" -> 1 counterrecon mission -> 3 options to execute it ... In the RED debriefing you'll find more background/solution of this tactical vignette. (contains spoilers !) The problem with the download of the map is FIXED now, thx to Sean & Volcano, appreciated ! Enjoy ! (shamelessly plugging my own mission - OUT) Armor Attacks - Counterrecon v.2.3 (SB v. 4.259) - 4.1+ SINGLE PLAYER SCENARIOS - Steelbeasts.com
  12. MAP PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED NOW Thx to @Sean and @Volcano !!!
  13. I’m not the author btw, that is @solus ! Just thought to draw some attention to his scenario by posting this small review not only on the Downloads page, but also here. Yes it’s double - but I think the scenario-makers, who can spend sometimes many hours on their work, deserve this 🙏🏽. Ideally I’d add an AAR here as well (no time yet)
  14. Thank you, Rotareneg. I found out now that the ground type "Streambed" has the effect to deepen the ground. So I'll use this to further adapt the wadi. Rediscovering the art of map making: nice. A detail pls: why are there under "Edit Theme" the 4 small boxes: "is water, is wadi, is snow, is dirt" ? Like, why should I indicate that the ground type "Rock" is wadi or dirt ?
  15. Alas, yes. Sean/eSim is kindly looking into this. There will be a solution
  16. That's magnificent ! Thank you very much, @Rotareneg And now I have NO excuse anymore not to make this scenario 😄 It will be the first tactical excercise from John Antal's "Armor Attacks - The Tank Platoon" Still pondering if I turn it into a mini-operation or not. Actually the second tactical excercise from the same book is now available in the Downloads as well. BUT there currently is still a problem with the map (download not possible). Sean is kindly looking into this with eSim. Maps are still a bit of Rocket Science for me, I
  17. I vaguely remember from SB1 that a tank standing in front of a row of trees or a forest would be spotted later by the AI-units, compared to a tank not in front of trees. => Does this still apply today in SB Pro PE ? @stormrider_spGreat how you added the pic from the real World 🌍 😊 (but why is there no BMP on that one ? 😎) @Ssnake and colls of eSim: amazing ! how close the SB world is to the real world ! Thx !
  18. Interesting, thx ! (but above my skills & timebudget)
  19. Well in the book it’s desert 🌵 (“The Valley of Tears”). Given Antal’s function at the NTC at that time (XO, 1st Bat, 63rd Armor - OPFOR) I was hoping it’d be a real location @ NTC. I suspect more and more however, that it’s a fictional location, as I can’t recognise those hills on the NTC-map. Checking the other maps now, for an alternative. Golan is a 1st possibility.
  20. Nice to play - if you're into SP: Introduction to various Russian kit Size of the map is well suited for SP (= not too large) Number of Blue units to handle: not too large & partly even scripted Tactically stil a challenge: be cautious ...
    Fully agree with Kondor999's remarks: very varied mission, showing a lot of Russian kit -> fun
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