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File Reviews posted by Koen

  1. Recommended playing:

    • Good size of a map for SP: 7x7 km
    • Not too high number of units for SP
    • Very much appreciated: all Blue units have  preprogrammed routes

    => you can concentrate on playing the units & less need to be in the map managing from there

    => varied gameplay: you can fire Javelins, be a forward observer, play with the tanks, or SAM, there are mortars also, etc ...

    • British units, which are in general less used, so refreshing + seems to be a realistic ORBAT (hmm, I'm not an expert here)
    • Classic but OK mission: defense
    • Plays indeed in 20 min, very handy if you just want to grab some SB-action, but have not enough time
    • Impressive to see the ENY smokescreen be dropped (war-of-the-worlds like images 😊 )
    • Not really an issue: maybe different routes for Red (random) => more variation in gameplay, more challenge for the Challengers (but i'ts already vy good like it is)
    • Detail: XO/A is crawling around at beginning of the mission => maybe STAY-orders would help ?


    NB exists in a US version as well


    THX Tankriver658 !

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