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  1. 15 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    ... Check the time stamp of the signature. If it's 17:08:55, you have the latest version and you don't have to do anything.

    If it shows a time before noon of Friday 5th, you may want to uninstall just Steel Beasts (!) and then reinstall Steel Beasts 4.357 through the web installer ...


    I'm having 05/08 15:08, so between 17:08:55 and noon of Friday 5th


    So should I reinstall ?


    Thx !





  2. 48 minutes ago, Ssnake said:

    The old demo would be a DirectX 7.0A application with 800x600 fixed screen resolution and a 8 bit (256 color) palette. Finding a graphics card driver that supports such an ancient mode with a non-ancient card would already be a challenge.


    About the demo:

    We're maybe not talking about the same scenario, but I'm still having a blast - in SB 4.357 - with the Demo_Attack scenario, that dates from 11/06/2001.


    I upload it hereby.


    Enjoy !


  3. 27 minutes ago, mpow66m said:

    20 plus yrs here, I remember the demo,lol.hv to say this update changed how the sim is played due to drones and trenches.The sim looks great.Good going to the whole eSim team!

    And what is also quite a feat:

    You can still play (and enjoy !) the demo 😊


    First time I saw about SB was around ‘99 (?): posts of Nils (and even Al Delaney) on SimHQ.com.

    Looking forward to 25 years of SB - this being its biggest feat 👍


    MANY THANKS to all of the team for their continuous efforts to make SB grow !

  4. Russian convoy, probably hit by direct fire or arty.

    They don’t seem to be evading, not moving at all ??

    (but video is probably edited to show only hits)


    Question: why are they not moving (IF not) ?


    (courtesy to Tanknet for the info)





  5. On 2/8/2022 at 9:48 PM, Koen said:


    and will do an exercise with the troops before moving out: which unit can best deal with the steep wadi walls

    So did an exercise in the wadi south of the FOB. It’s only half as deep as the one near Muzcal, but still gives an idea:

    -> T-72 has a hard time climbing out of wadi, actually it’s impossible …

    -> Other units: possible in most cases, but they need babysitting …


    So need to put the T-72’s on a vantage point, looking out over Muzcal (if any).

    And let them protect from there the IFV that climb up to Muzcal


    And memo to myself:

    Investigate if using the helo’s to insert soldiers on the plateau where Muzcal lies, is a good idea, or just extremely dangerous …


    It’s going to be a fun-mission !

  6. Hi all,


    Trying out Apocalypse_Baghlan Blues 3.0.0

    Looks splendid !

    Will write a review here.


    But need some tactical advice pls:


    1. Which units of FOB would IRL be best used as Scouts or Vanguard for the taskforce based in FOB ?

    I'm not familiar enough with: AMV XA-360 - Piranha-IIIC TACP

    And then there are of course the BMP & T-72 


    2. The Mortar Teams in FOB: how to transport them ? Helo ? other unit ?


    3. There is no road into Muzcal ? How to get out of that Wadi, into that village ? only footsoldiers ?


    Thx for any advice that could be shared !



  7. On 1/4/2022 at 8:16 PM, Lumituisku said:

    Your son's PC needs to have SB installed. Codemeter software installed.  Then Open codemeter  "Webadmin"     at bottom right.  (you get this window by clicking this blue icon with white circles)  image.png.48ccff32ae1b1f233cf72341a8eefa95.png



    Then.. Go to configuration drop menu and find  Basic / Server search list   



    And add your server IP to server search list...   and remember to hit Apply.  


    (a question before I take up Mark's time)

    About "And add your server IP to server search list...   and remember to hit Apply"


    How do I find my Server IP ?

    is it the IPv4-adress ? (my son added that one to the server search list, but still had licence-failure)

    Or is it another type of adress ?


    thx !

  8. On 8/1/2019 at 9:36 PM, Gibsonm said:


    Basically "yes".


    You have the USB stick in you machine.


    You share the licence


    They are able to use the license on their machine being shared from your machine (their codemeter software looks for your machine's WAN IP address).


    As long as you machine is running and your Internet connection is working, they can access it.


    All they need to do is download and install the SB Pro PE software and configure their codemeter software to search for your IP address.


    Of course you can't control if you friend uses your licence or some 3rd party that your friend spoke to.


    I have 8 licenses that others can use and indeed this was the basis of myself and some others being able to offer a "trial" option before the time based licensing came into effect.


    Send me a PM and I can talk you through the details.




    I bought a secondary licence, to play at home with my son.


    1. And I followed the steps as in the 2 tutorial video's:

    So I believe I shared the licence.


    2. My son installed SB


    3. What I don't find is how my son  can "configure his codemeter software to search for my IP address"


    => Could someone babystep me through this pls ?


    Thx !


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