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  1. 😎 Anything goes Very important => the scenariodesigner (a) together with the tester (d)
  2. 1. Lack of free time 2. And not easy to find an original scenario-idea 3. Creating the actual scenario is great fun ! But also very timeconsuming, especially the testing ! Here’s an idea 💡: Create scenario’s in a collaborative effort, in order to reduce the workload and to increase the quality of the scenario’s 4 ppl work together: a) the scenariodesigner: He gives serious thought 💭 to developing an exciting and fresh STORY, a problem that needs to be solved. He also creates the MAP Then he passes on story (briefing) and map to: b) the BLUE scenariobuilder: He builds the blue side But without any knowledge about the red side, except from his briefing => more unpredictable things happening … a kind of MULTIPLE SINGLE PLAYER combination in scenario building 😎 By reducing the workload of the blue scenariobuilder, he can focus on improving the quality and decisions of the blue units ! c) the RED scenariobuilder: Same as above NB often the red side is static in scenario’s, underdeveloped. So this would improve the quality And make scenario’s PLAYABLE from the red side d) tester !!!! He tests at various stages, not only at the end. Cfr. unpredictable things happening If 4 ppl work together => workload gets divided by 4 To top it off: Yes, a small financial reward would be positive Maybe actual users of SB (armies) could deliver the story/problem (a) ?
  3. Thx Bond_Villian ! (but I'm only into SP, not MP, mainly due to lack of time) Take 5 Fresh courage + new plan: Flank ENY from BOTH flanks: South as before, but also from North. This means dividing up the COY in 2 groups, that are km away from each other, that may risk firing on each other => Question pls: would this be done in real life ? The result: * 400 points out of 1000, as we held the main OBJ, * but that still counts as a defeat OK, I can't win this one (as happened in 1967 as well, I guess, in the 1st hours) => If someone has tactical advice to win here (in SP), that would be welcome. Still: WAS GREAT FUN - thx for the scenario, Volcano ! (and it only starts as this was the 1st mission of the operation)
  4. Take 🎬 4: * Not only the TKS move forward to flank the ENY, but also the AMX, as these were underused. * 💡: Stay away from ENY INF and their RPG-7 (firing range: 300 m) * I remained in the CO M113 & ordered movements of the various PLT with triggers: very immersive, great fun 😊 ! Issues & result: * PLT getting entangled when all rushing to more or less the same spot at the same time… * Retreat: ordered too late 🙁 & too slow in reverse * Most units destroyed in 15 min !!! 😳 Buuut, I may have a better idea More about it tomorrow 😎 NB What a nice MAP !
  5. Hi, Hereby a short battle report on OP 1973 Sinai-Chinese Farm - 1st scenario - this to: 1) say thx to the scenario designer (Volcano) for his efforts 2) maybe spark some tactical discussions. I played this sencario 3 times - and lost also 3 times 😊 1st take: * No plan * Just move the tanks towards the open space between Obj SAUL & Obj GOLIATH & we'll see what happens. Actually we hope to stop the enemy there * And move the AMX to Obj DAVID to occupy this objective, to gain victorypoints * Result: a short mission, where we are no match for an onstorming ENY 2nd & 3rd take: * Now we have a plan !: Intent: defend only 1 Obj, SOLOMON a) TKS attempt to flank ENY a.1) first from the hills left of Obj SAUL (approx. 390 680) a.2) upon pressure retreat to 400 683 (right of MATZMED) to flank from those hills any attackers of Obj SOLOMON b) AMX flanks from further away, near 410 682 c) INF deploys in wood in obj SOLOMON Result: * Result of both takes: we could not stop ENY before end-of-mission at 35 min. * While the TKS & AMX remained largely intact in the 2nd take !, we lost most of them in the 3rd take Lesson learned * Don't be silly: don't stand in the way of an overwhelming ENY force => Flanking is good ! * Retreating along the desert - so not on a road - turned out to be very slow => Need to take this into account next time * AMX vs ENY TKS seems not to be a balanced match. But the AMX might have slowed down a 1st wave of ENY BTR50 & by thus reduced the SAGGER-threat ? => I probably should have taken the AMX with our TKS forward ? Other things I could have done better ? ! I had a blast !
  6. Welcome, Spuky. Not much I can add to the above good advice, except maybe this: From the WIKI, “A Practical Guide to Quick Planning” https://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Planning_Phase#A_Practical_Guide_to_Quick_Planning
  7. Israel Missiles and interception-missiles Frightening in the cities
  8. Great to have such a long term fan around, 2000 ! And thx for updating your campaign, looking forward to playing it. SB is a rich and interesting tool to create scenario’s ... Best !
  9. Didn’t hear about this book yet: “The Chieftains” by Bob Forrest-Webb A positive review: http://coldwarhot.blogspot.com/2011/02/book-review-chieftains-wwiii-novel.html?m=1
  10. Status of the work on this scenario: 1. Currently re-reading the book & analysing how to turn it into a scenario. Will take some time 2. Next step: embellish the map 3. Then: create the scenario Just fyi, as you all helped me out.
  11. Hi all, This scenario is based on the great book of John Antal: "Armor Attacks" -> 1 counterrecon mission -> 3 options to execute it ... In the RED debriefing you'll find more background/solution of this tactical vignette. (contains spoilers !) The problem with the download of the map is FIXED now, thx to Sean & Volcano, appreciated ! Enjoy ! (shamelessly plugging my own mission - OUT) Armor Attacks - Counterrecon v.2.3 (SB v. 4.259) - 4.1+ SINGLE PLAYER SCENARIOS - Steelbeasts.com
  12. MAP PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED NOW Thx to @Sean and @Volcano !!!
  13. I’m not the author btw, that is @solus ! Just thought to draw some attention to his scenario by posting this small review not only on the Downloads page, but also here. Yes it’s double - but I think the scenario-makers, who can spend sometimes many hours on their work, deserve this 🙏🏽. Ideally I’d add an AAR here as well (no time yet)
  14. Thank you, Rotareneg. I found out now that the ground type "Streambed" has the effect to deepen the ground. So I'll use this to further adapt the wadi. Rediscovering the art of map making: nice. A detail pls: why are there under "Edit Theme" the 4 small boxes: "is water, is wadi, is snow, is dirt" ? Like, why should I indicate that the ground type "Rock" is wadi or dirt ?
  15. Alas, yes. Sean/eSim is kindly looking into this. There will be a solution
  16. That's magnificent ! Thank you very much, @Rotareneg And now I have NO excuse anymore not to make this scenario 😄 It will be the first tactical excercise from John Antal's "Armor Attacks - The Tank Platoon" Still pondering if I turn it into a mini-operation or not. Actually the second tactical excercise from the same book is now available in the Downloads as well. BUT there currently is still a problem with the map (download not possible). Sean is kindly looking into this with eSim. Maps are still a bit of Rocket Science for me, I'm afraid. I'll have questions ... For starters: can I make the wadi much deeper ? To the point that it's walls are almost like a canal, so no escape for any silly tank commander that would have decided to drive into into it ... 😉 (if not possible, then so be it, I can cut out that branch from the story) Thx again !
  17. I vaguely remember from SB1 that a tank standing in front of a row of trees or a forest would be spotted later by the AI-units, compared to a tank not in front of trees. => Does this still apply today in SB Pro PE ? @stormrider_spGreat how you added the pic from the real World 🌍 😊 (but why is there no BMP on that one ? 😎) @Ssnake and colls of eSim: amazing ! how close the SB world is to the real world ! Thx !
  18. Interesting, thx ! (but above my skills & timebudget)
  19. Well in the book it’s desert 🌵 (“The Valley of Tears”). Given Antal’s function at the NTC at that time (XO, 1st Bat, 63rd Armor - OPFOR) I was hoping it’d be a real location @ NTC. I suspect more and more however, that it’s a fictional location, as I can’t recognise those hills on the NTC-map. Checking the other maps now, for an alternative. Golan is a 1st possibility.
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