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  1. I don't think too much new players watch TGIF videos, if you look the visits they are very low compared with other SB videos, anyway i have seen a lot of new players having problems understanding which units control,maybe is because they always put the new guys in my platoonšŸ¤£
  2. Going back to the original question... For me I would like a video about the newest RWS, explaining in detail all the menus and submenus options. For new players i think a video about how doing things in mp would be a good idea, explaining things like how the callsings works, which units do you control and which your teammate(or AI), how to give units to someone etc. And yes, i caracterice myself as an experienced player, at least with the old vehicles.
  3. Adhoc session tonight? Around 20:00 gmt.
  4. I have seen this several times, AI killing friendly tanks in the same platoon when shooting enemy at close range.
  5. We are starting mission soon.We are 4 players now on ts.
  6. Out me in a tank for the second mission pls, i dont care about position on first.
  7. Is giving me this error
  8. Here it is. This is last year version, so is possible that is slightly different from today's mission. Mech Company MTC (1975)-4161.sce
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