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  1. Turret down is not enought when you are fighting Nike!
  2. Adhoc mission starting in 5 min.
  3. Here you have it.The first shot always works, but after that starts hitting ground about 50% of the time. test1-leo hitting ground.sce
  4. I put a Leo in a battle postion with a defend or hold tactic, and fires when he is in turret down position , hitting the ground. And happens very often, about 50% of the shots. Seems it happens with all Leo2a5+,but not with the m1 family. I have uploded a video in TS: Steel Beasts Pro PE 17_03_2019 9_01_29.mp4 PD: seems the link is not working, but the video is in TS main channel file browser.
  5. And also for those in the nothern hemisphere in Europe.
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