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  1. Someone for ad-hoc session in 30-40 mins?
  2. -Version: We always use the last, at this moment 4.161,you can download here :https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607 -Download mission: Usually is not needed to download maps, we use the default ones. You need to download the mission to play, but you can do it when you join the server. -Discord: there is no TGIF discord as far as I know. -Session information: Yes, is usually posted 20-10 min before mission starts, and sometimes mission can be changed in last minute to adjust to the number of players assisting.
    Good mission, but I think is big for single player, much better for multi.
  3. I always thought the longest tank hit was a challenger hitting at 4700m. I did a test few years ago shooting targets at extreme range and I was able to hit things at 8km max, but with a M1A2.
  4. Can you send me firefight missions 3 and 4? I missed those and I would like to play them on my own when I can.
  5. The copy-paste thing works during the game phase if you do it on a waypoint or another route. That is why I reported, because makes no sense that one works and not the other. I think that the conditional routes working during the game phase could be useful especially in big missions. I will ask in the wishlist thread, maybe I'm lucky 😁
  6. You are right, I was trying to copy-paste during execution phase. So are you going to fix that to work also during game execution phase?,or is supposed to be disabled?
  7. This example is with trigger 1 condition, but i also tried with unit under fire and unit see x units. I also tried with copy and copy all route chain with no results.
  8. Im using the generic "this" option,im not using a specific callsing. And the condition is a trigger, that should apply to all units. Shouldn't it work with that?. The weird thing is that I'm almost sure it was working when I tested the mission few days ago.
  9. Seems they are not working when you copy-paste them in a unit.
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