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  1. How was the mission?, my internet crash and I was not able to reconnect until 2 hours later
  2. Very interesting Valleyboy, but i think there is something wrong, says M-60 have 2 tank kills and T-72 1 kill, but we only lost one tanks in the whole mission.
  3. You can do it from TARGET GUI, add new configuration, configure axis mapping and from there you can adjust the sensitivity of each axis individually.
  4. Is possible to filter the results not by unit type but by the specific unit model?. Something like the number of kills/losses between 2 different units like m1 and t-72 can be very helpful for balancing missions.
  5. Don't wait me either, this weekend i'm on a trip and i don't think i can find a good internet connection.
  6. I dont know yet if i can join but put me as a maybe in the leopard platoon.
  7. Since we are almost with one player per vehicle, what about removing enemy map contacts?, just for a bit of extra pain.What do you think Assassin 7 ?
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