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  1. This week Im on a trip,not sure if I'll be able to join, don't wait for me.
  2. @DK-DDAM, When the reinforcements arrived, did you also have a desynchronization problem?. I want to confirm it was a bug an not some problem with my connection.
  3. No, was like loosing the map view on the infantry unit controlling the UAV, but only after recovering the UAV from the first launch(at the start everything was OK).Anyways DK can explain better what exactly happened.
  4. You did a good job DK, by the way did you report that bug with the UAV scout?, because i think is a big one.
  5. I think i can make it, You are starting in 20 min right?
  6. Yeap, thanks you for the campaign. And congratulations to the US team, that was a big victory!
  7. @Volcano I'm going to start making the plan, pls confirm the last version is Firefight 79-S10-4363a (the file in TS).
  8. Wellcome back Cav, I will be there if some more players join.
  9. I also got an error when loading map, maybe is related:"Some buildings may not be of a valid shape.The candidates have been writte to C" Anyways good job to the map maker, is one of the few sb citys that really looks like a real city
  10. Helicopters now dont engage enemy helicopters with atgms, is this a bug or changed on purpouse?
  11. I like now AI can fire infantry at long range,looks like a minor thing but is a big change. Waiting for this for 2 or 3 years, finally!
  12. See you next month then Lumi. And now Lumi cant join someone can send me de mission so i can do the planning?
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