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  1. I will be there too, 2 more and we can play something. Maybe we can do the Future Wars missions again.
  2. Unfortunately I can't join this Sunday. Have fun and save the AAR, i want to see how it went.
  3. Would like to Co but i cant confirm until Saturday, so position is open. @Kingtiger you did a great job even if you think you didn't, you just have to ask Nike
  4. Yeap, we were detecting your flanking atack with a lot of time to react, full map contacts also helped a lot. Good job everybody!
  5. Send me the last updated version of the mission if there is any.
  6. I can make this one. Put me in D2 pls. I can also take R12 if nobody wants it.
  7. You are welcome. In this mission we have m1 and leopards, so if you practice a bit with the leopard too you can do something no matter what side you are on. They are very similar from the gunner perspective, on the leo you dont have to index ammo, but you need to press the lead button for shoothing a moving target.
  8. Also would be good idea put clearly that we have recon and atack drones, we only noticed we had libelle drones at half the mission.
  9. Terrible news. Rest in peace Swordsmandk.
  10. No, the content is the same. What vehicles do you miss?. Maybe you can represent them dissabling some sistems on a existing vehicle or adjusting the ammo.
  11. I have seen this too. I think its related with ammo change, but im not sure, as Conn said only happens online and is difficult to reproduce.
  12. This week Im on a trip,not sure if I'll be able to join, don't wait for me.
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