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  1. Wellcome back Cav, I will be there if some more players join.
  2. I also got an error when loading map, maybe is related:"Some buildings may not be of a valid shape.The candidates have been writte to C" Anyways good job to the map maker, is one of the few sb citys that really looks like a real city
  3. Helicopters now dont engage enemy helicopters with atgms, is this a bug or changed on purpouse?
  4. I like now AI can fire infantry at long range,looks like a minor thing but is a big change. Waiting for this for 2 or 3 years, finally!
  5. See you next month then Lumi. And now Lumi cant join someone can send me de mission so i can do the planning?
  6. Leopard 2E, Vecs, centauros.... I cant resist,put me in A66 pls.
  7. I will be be there and I vote for any of the leopard missions.
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