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  1. Is possible to do this inf -pc coordination during game( not planning phase)?
  2. -Infantry, now crawl less and shoot more. -Snipers, they are deadly now, one shoot, one kill -Transparency for ground cover in thermal sights, is interesting how that small change can improve playability a lot. -On the AAR the option to look for events only in the area of the map you are looking, very useful for big MP missions.
  3. Thank you, i had wrong keys asigned, is working now!
  4. Im trying with the arrow keys and also look on key config without luck, Im not able to move them.
  5. The bug with the tanks in battle positions hitting ground half of the shots is fixed?. I don't see it in the release notes, but there are a lot of bugs without description,so who knows.
  6. Its a lever on the left side,it's pretty hidden.I will upload some images later.
  7. Ad hoc today?,in 20-30 min from now.
  8. Put me in A1 pls. If you do not have a CO by the end of the week you can put me there.
  9. Here you can see the formations and the scanning sector for each tank http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php/Formations on top?, you should have the route and the way-point tactic as one thing,no one it top of the other.
  10. I misstype 18:00 GTM writing only 8:00 GTM. Anyways we always play at the same time.
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