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  1. The new HE model affects other ammo types (like keft,mpat or heat rounds)?,And what about offmap HE arty,is also using this new model? Looks great, is amazing that despite all the improvements we are going to have better fps.
  2. I have an unexpected family visit, Im not sure if i can join,cout me at 50%.
  3. On friday?I thought we were starting like 1 h late. Anyway, when you joined, we had started 5 minutes ago, you disconnected very fast to tell you something.
  4. I will be there, maybe a little late.
    Good misison,although the description is wrong, you have m1 and m2
  5. Adhoc today? Usual time, 4 hours form now.
  6. Here you have it.The first shot always works, but after that starts hitting ground about 50% of the time. test1-leo hitting ground.sce
  7. I put a Leo in a battle postion with a defend or hold tactic, and fires when he is in turret down position , hitting the ground. And happens very often, about 50% of the shots. Seems it happens with all Leo2a5+,but not with the m1 family. I have uploded a video in TS: Steel Beasts Pro PE 17_03_2019 9_01_29.mp4 PD: seems the link is not working, but the video is in TS main channel file browser.
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