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  1. Here you have it.The first shot always works, but after that starts hitting ground about 50% of the time. test1-leo hitting ground.sce
  2. I put a Leo in a battle postion with a defend or hold tactic, and fires when he is in turret down position , hitting the ground. And happens very often, about 50% of the shots. Seems it happens with all Leo2a5+,but not with the m1 family. I have uploded a video in TS: Steel Beasts Pro PE 17_03_2019 9_01_29.mp4 PD: seems the link is not working, but the video is in TS main channel file browser.
  3. I did not arrive in time yesterday too. What about adhoc today?.Usual time.
  4. Yes, you are right,you were firing M830A1 indexed as M830. Remeber, if the ammo counters is blinking you dont have the proper ammo indexed. Also in the video you can see that ammo counter says 0/0, that means you are indexing ammo you dont have. PD: Rotar was faster by 2 mins.
  5. The ammo counter in the upper right corner of the screen,is it blinking before you fire?
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