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  1. Small suggestion,put 1 centauro and 1 vec for the recon section instead of 2 vecs,not only is more realistic but it will also be more fun for the recon people. And put me in a tank pls.
  2. You also can put me in OPFOR, if you need help,dont know how big the red side is.
  3. Nike can not enter sb.com,so he can not update the post, but keep joining and asking for units.
  4. Have you tested the save in progress&edited mission online?.It is strange that Esims has fixed it and they didnt say anything.
  5. The save in progress and edit a mission was not working properly in last version,and I dont see anything about fixing that in the current version notes, so you are going to have a lot of problems when playing online (on SP works good). Other problem I see is that usual mission maps are too small for what you want, in big map of 20x20km, you need like 20 min to cross half map, at that point you will be already in contact,and with a lonely recon unit you need to stop the mission. I'm sorry for being so pessimistic, I like the idea but I dont think is going to work, anyways we can try, its free.
  6. Is the ulan,not pizarro, they are similar but not exactly the same. The wiki explains very well how to use the auto traking.
    Good mission, but you should put eny map contacts off,with 81 arty tubes you can kill everything if you see the enemy on map.
  7. Cant join tomorrow, but we can do something now, before TGIF. I will be on discord.
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