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  1. Easy ones: -When you join a in progress game by default the contour lines stay a 20m(or 10?), which is too much for all maps, as a result you only see a flat map, it would be a good idea an option to change the contour lines, or at least set as default 5m or 2m that usually work for 95% of the maps. - When joining in progress an automatic re-sending all the graphic on map system. And for me more than new tanks I would like more detail in the existing ones: more working switches and panels,more working menus on the displays and things like that.
  2. Can you change the map to only friendly map contacs (OMU)?. Any bridge crossing is going to be almost impossible with enemy map contacts,also is going to be a nightmare for the infantry(arty is too precise) And talking about last week map, yes, the map was too unbalanced, but I'm ok with unbalance maps as they are fun to play,on war sides are never balanced :gun:
  3. In fact i think its the opposite, blue side has big advantage on this map. I know well because i was blue co last time
  4. I was Co last week, but there is no volunteers and i like this map, so I'll Co Blue. If someone wants blue team pls say something 1 hour before TGIF, then I will start drawing the plan
  5. I'm not sure if I can attend, but i prefer Hth, there are a lot of coop missisons but very few Hth,anyways it is always better to fight a real opponent than against preset IA.
  6. This weekend i have to work. Our rematch will have to wait Brun
  7. Its a bit too early for me, but i will try to attend second mission.
  8. No, I mean the interior, the buttons, the panels and things like that. And answeing myself, seems that yes!, its possible,Not only that, also it seems that there is no limit in resolution Here some tests i have made: Here the original Leo2 textures(Strv 112): share image Here the same moddified on a Leo2 E: sube imagenes imagen What is the limit on resolution?.Because the original files were 512x512 pixels, i tested up to 4096x4096 and seems working
  9. Wow, this is a very good mod.No more blurred letters!:luxhello: Can you do something like this for other Leo2 models? Then it is also possible to increase the resolution of the gunners position?
  10. That's right.And infantry able to shoot the TC when he is outside the hatch would be cool.
  11. Well,I CO last week, but seems there is no volunteers, so CO grey team
  12. Hotkey for the EMES/TIM (AT/JC on Leo 2E)button on the TC thermal camera for Leo2A5+/2E. Working loader mg, even if only IA, and option to assemble and disassemble the mg (at this moment its only use is to block half of the view form TC periscopes). And again , 3d view for TC when he is outside the hatch.
  13. I want to test my new TGIF Co award PD: Also i will Co blue team
  14. Its ok AlphaOneSix, i I havent yet made the plan, you can Co red if you want.
  15. Do you know if this is for on map/off map artillery or both?
  16. Well, if there are no enemy map updates i can Co red (I think that Red just wants the brads,if not i will wait for next week :c:)
  17. I know on last versions there was some problems, I dont see anything on patch notes, but i have made some tests and seems working ok(maybe you fix but forgot to add in release notes?). I need to know because I plan to do an online campaign
  18. IA shooting my tank subir foto Im in a good position,almost invisible: subir gif But he hits me in the low hull: subir fotos Happened several times, always in the instant action scenario and with missiles. Not sure if its IA guiding the missile up and then down(too smart for an IA,is it programmed to make that?), or its a bug and the missile is going throught the ground
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