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  1. Some images: sube fotos You can easily detect inf in buildings at 4000m, this is only with Leo 2 GPS,with M1 sep GPS or Leo 2 TC Thermal camera.....bufff.AI can only see inf at -1000m.Not only detecion is a problem, when you shoot them at ,lets say at 2500m, they only stay until death. Its impossible make any kind of ambush,not only at citys,infantry hiding in woods is well covered with the "sinking",but when enemy is close they always start moving loosing they protection. People who say inf is useful,its ok for SP because IA is a little stupid,but can you use infantry with some effectiv
  2. More wishes: -possibility of adding enemy contact reports map manually, very usefull when playing without automatic updates -different colour messages for units under your controll and allied units -tanks on your platoon reporting contacts like this: tanks, 11 o'clock,2000 m Infantry is near useless in game,not sure how to change this but some ideas: -Infantry in buildings is invisible for enemy IA until they shoot,but a human player can see them easily at +3000m, some hidding system is needed against human player. -Infantry under fire is always moving, because they always try to maintain th
  3. Same happened to me,although didnt test Pzbtl server. How the battle ended? Who won?
  4. Infantry move into the near building or fighting position only with hold and defend orders,you can use all the others or give no waypoint tactics.
  5. No,i mean changing Hector for Pegasus, nobody is on Pegasus and Tacom has no unit in Hector group.Anyways we wait to see if someone wants Pegasus.
  6. Thanks Tacbat,and everybody participating in the campaing.Lots of fun,i can't wait for the next! Only 1suggestion: -Fixed deploy zones,reinforcements arrive to that zones, and units start the mission where they finished the old one. PD:How i use my ribbon?
  7. Why?,You can have both versions,just make a copy of 3.002 before installing 3.11.
  8. More detailed AAR: -Can enter GPS at the moment of shooting,or maybe a screenshot -Real target distance vs distance inputted in computer -Real target angular speed vs angular speed inputted in computer
  9. 12Alfa?,Are you still in command of Canadian team? What happened last saturday?
  10. I had the same problem, very low fps but only when looking on TIS.
  11. Where i can download the island map?
  12. I can join this?,with Canada or Denmark if possible.
  13. I have to edit images for posting, so i will upload later,but they seems like phosphorescent. Here the images
  14. Colebrook


    I cant check that, scen is protected by password, so i cant change anything.You can donwload scen here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/24/p13_fileid/2324 On aar i can see damaged vehicles,so i dont think "kill when hit" is active. Seems Nachtfalke is the scen designer,maybe we should ask him,someone knows him or has his email?
  15. Colebrook


    I have reproduced it again,exactly the same situation.Sending email.And seems it kill in at any point, not only at periscope: Pd:sended email
  16. Colebrook


    Ouch,seems i didnt save the aar.Im trying to reproduce again,it happened on Battle run (Leo2A5 -M1A1 -Challenger 2) scenario.
  17. Colebrook


    Give me you email,and i will send you.Too big to post here(about 1M)
  18. Colebrook


    WikiSB says T-72 has a 40mm armor in this area,so that should be impossible.I shoot few more rounds, and the tank exploded.
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