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  1. The scoring sistem for blue team is not working, i think that the "capture before X" is bugged.Check that if you can before TGIF Volcano. This mission has been played before?
  2. How the energy loss is calculated in SB?. Are there similar tables to this "http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php/Ammunition_Data" but at various distances?
  3. Very intersting.It is curious that the penetration may decrease with increasing speed.
  4. Infantry can disembark from helicopters,even if are flying at high altitude and fast speed on 3.023 version(with this bug you are close to implement paratroopers and rapelling units )
  5. I can CO for red team,if there are no volunteers. I will start drawing the plan 2 hour before TGIF,so if someone want to be the CO post something before that time. I also suggest turn off enemy map contacts.
  6. I'll CO red! PD:Briefing is talking about objectives that dont exist on map(Alder and Maus),I think its only a briefing error from the last version, anyways check it is ok.
  7. In fact in SB at this moment its more efective have a lot of small fire teams than a big squad,because in a big squad only 1 soldier can fire AT weapons, if you have a lot of small fire teams you can fire RPGfrom varius directions,also a complete squad can be supressed with only a coax burst,doesnt matter how big it is, only few bullets arround them and they will not fire their RPG,that can not happen if you spread your fire teams far enough.
  8. The infantry on the warriors was equiped with LAWs,difficult to kill a tank with that.And yes, the warriors are pretty useless in combat, they should be used for moving infantry only
  9. I supossed, then i think that the rule is very restrictive, and we are moving from one side to the opposite,from helicopters being deadly killing tank machines to being near harmless flying birds.I think its better limit helicopter's power using worst ammo,or adding more air defense units,or limit their resupply times,like addind a simulated "air base" that ressuply helicopters only after 15 mins. Im going to explain the ridiculous situation that happened last TGIF.There was some enemy tanks in a objective at the top of a hill, and my helicopter was not able to engage them because my height was too low, so my only option was get very close inside the top of the hill to engage(i will add picture later for clarify this). subir gif The problem with helicopters detecting everything can be solved using no enemy map contacts, as we usually do in TGIF.
  10. From house rules:"DO NOT hover helicopters at maximum ("Normal") height in battle positions, to use as an ATGM platform or to act as a recon satellite or an AI distraction. This is unrealistic at the moment since the Scenario Designer currently has no way to restrict/limit/cap flight height because he may want to represent certain types of conflicts where long range air defense and air superiority fighters exist. At such time, if ever, that the Scenario Designer can specify a maximum flight height, then we can remove this house rule." It only says hover,does this means that you can use routes(atack,assault,etc) at high height?
  11. Volcano,not sure if its done on purpose but technicals equiped with HMG don't have ammo(enemy map updates are active too).
  12. Where I have to put the .htg file to open the mission with the editor?. I can not remember :c:
  13. New secret weapon, you dont know if he is atacking or retreating imag Massive enemy assault subir foto And this is how it ended subirimagenes imagenes gratis
  14. Excellent!,very fast fix. The fix dont change the version numbers,what happens if 1 player with the fix and other without try to play MP?
  15. It was single player. I have made more tests and the damage ray seems ok,I was aiming on the machine gun and on the AAR the red line was hitting the machine gun.
  16. Tested on 3.019 on Leo 2E subir foto Dont see on the screenshot but cannon is damaged,as the title says.
  17. When you switch from binocular view to TC thermal camera sometimes view is not centered: hosting imagenes The deviation seems related to the direction you were oriented on the binocular view Only tested on Leo 2, but i think also happens on M1
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