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  1. This questions are about next updates,not exacty 3.0. Are there any plans for improving infantry?,i think inf. is the weak point of the game.Maybe allowing inf moving more loosely,and look for cover positions or "hulld down" individually,not stayng always on line formation. Can you add more detailed contour lines on map?,atm, lseparation lines of 1m,2m,and 5m are almost useless,because you cant see anything.
  2. Thx for replys.Yes, i was connected to TS, but i was afk.
  3. Hi,i have just donwloaded the demo few days ago.Some questions(and sorry for my english,im using google translator): -How do you distinguish between destroyed vehicles and unbroken ones?,if destroyed vehicles dont explode or set on fire there is no real diference betwwen them.And thermal sight doesnt work, destroyed vehicles remain hot,why?,is this a bug?,its going to get corrected? -There is big advantage using joystick instead mouse? -All types of forests can be crossed with tanks?, this seems so unrealistic. -Should i buy the game now,or better wait for 3.0 version? -Does online game still active? How many players still play online? I have much more question but i dont remember, i will post more later, thx.
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