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  1. Put the units you want to spawn on map, click with secondary button-> spawn if and pick the option with random variable.You need to put intervals of numbers from 0 to 100 for each unit, the more numbers you put in the interval the more likely is that unit to spawn. Make sure you cover all the numbers(there is no gap between the intervals) or is possible that nothings happens if the random variable takes that number value.
  2. I have seen that happening during online games, never offline, so guess is just lag.That happened during an online mission?
  3. Not sure if i can join yet, so put me where needed as a "maybe".
  4. Someone for ADHOC today?, in 3 or 4 hours.
    Great mission, very well placed atgms make this mission perfect for practicing slow and methodical recon, go slow or you will die!
  5. If E11 is still open change me there pls (or any other tank in E platoon if someone wants to be platoon leader)
  6. Yeap, if english is not a problem you can play Kanium missions, we play Sundays at 20:00 spanish time. We play big missions and no experience or skill is required for joining. You can see the Kanium mission thread in this same sub-forum, just sign in and pick a unit.
  7. Otra opción es aprender inglés, se que parece estúpido pero no lo es, para jugar al SB solo necesitas unas 200 o 300 palabras en inglés, con eso es suficiente para entender lo básico.
  8. Hola Icat, efectivamente los del Tizona están inactivos, otro grupo que había es el escuadrón 69, pero creo que están igual, completamente inactivos si es que no han desaparecido, así que si quieres jugar al SB en español la mejor opción que tienes es juntar a 3 o 4 jugadores españoles en una sección y jugar partidas en inglés, la comunicación entre la sección se hace en español y el comandante de la seccion habla con el resto de la compañía en inglés.
  9. For me the best option is what Rotar said, keys for fast traverse, mouse for slow precise movement. That begin said, i think is a big discussion for such a small thing, there are muche more things and more important to improve.
  10. I'm really sorry to hear this.Rest in peace Dboy.
  11. There is any video or screenshot of the Apache in the Pro version? Now I'm curious.
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