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  1. Run the test-m60 mission, they fire 1 or 2 rounds at the beginning because red tanks start stationary but once they catch speed M60s stop firing. test-m60.sce
  2. After analyzing the situation i think we have no option to break the encirclement. Blue surrenders. Good campaign Zero.
  3. Do I have to send you the reinforcements or we are using the same units? Another thing, someone can send me a good AAR? I think mine is not the real one, unit movement was not updating at the end of the mission.
  4. Looks great Zero, thank you for the job. Send me the mission when you can, maybe i can co a side.¿Or are we planning to do dice rolling to pick co's?
  5. I dont know yet if i can join but seems that we have a lot of free units, so put me in a tank.
  6. Yeap, was a fun mission, just one suggestion, change the cv90-35 for another model, with so few units per player you waste too much time waiting to reload.
  7. I think i can join but i probably have to leave before mission ends. Put me in R12 pls.
  8. Im on a trip for 2 weeks, not sure if im going to have good connection so count me as a maybe.
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