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  1. You can kill tanks from the front and the hits seem to come from random directions, not from where you are firing. Here is the AAR test-cv-ammo_15680_062820DESKTOP-VEAL1812.aar
  2. I just tested and i cant open it, the loading bar starts moving and when arrives to 100% it close and sends you back to the starting screen.
  3. Yes, send to me pls. Someone can open the AAR from last TGIF?
  4. Can you open the TGIF AARs? Since the last patch i can't, and only happens with TGIF missions ,I can open single player or Kanium AARs without problem.
  5. Hehe, i see that, but i don't know yet if i will be able to play this sunday. So you can put me where needed and if another player wants my unit give to him.
  6. I thought we were talking about another miclic to the north, so forget my last message. About doing recon with miclics, obviously is not realistic, but is not giving an unfair advantage like doing recon with transport helicopters, or medic units. You are doing recon with a big, slow vehicle with no optics, that is a mistake and you should be happy about enemy making that mistake.And you don't need to draw a player to fight the miclic, an AI unit is good enough to do that.
  7. I think that was something caused by lag, im very sure that miclic was not in the position the aar is showing,also in the aar was not showing the vehicle destroyed marker after it was destroyed.
  8. You can see the speed directly from the drivers positions
  9. A suppression order working for buildings, so when you give the orders they don't shoot at the base of the building, but at the building itself, randomly shooting at doors and windows at different floors.
  10. Adhoc mission starting in few minutes.
  11. I don't think too much new players watch TGIF videos, if you look the visits they are very low compared with other SB videos, anyway i have seen a lot of new players having problems understanding which units control,maybe is because they always put the new guys in my platoon🤣
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