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  1. I have been reading the Df-90 wiki and now i understand much better what is happening. In the second row of the ready rack ammo you have mixed rounds( sabot and hesh), but in the df-90 the ammo positions are fully modeled and you only can extract ammo form the second position in each row, so to change ammo in the same row you need a gap between the rounds, to displace rounds left or right and you must fire (and waste) a round to make the gap. This is the first part of the problem, and this is not a bug, is just how the vehicle works. The second part is that commander must displace ammo to the left(once you have a gap in the ammo row) to select hesh, but AI TC is only displacing ammo to the right ( this is the real bug). But fixing this seems to complex, I think is much faster just adjust the default number of rounds so in each row you have only 1 ammo type ( -1hesh, +1 sabot).
  2. Put me in a tank pls. Not sure if i can join, count me at 50%.
  3. I can do it if you change a66 marders for 1 leo, I want to shoot something 😁
  4. Try changing realism level to low( or maybe medium)
  5. The Island mission in the last version was a very difficult mission for blue (i'm very sure blue has lost all the times), but with the last change is even more difficult, changed t-62 for t-72 while blue force remains very similar.What is the reason behind that? Anyways is a very fun mission,im ready to re-play when you want.
  6. I'm almost sure about reading on the sbwiki or the tutorials that leo 2A5 uses 2 different controls for lasing, one for first return, other for last return. Maybe that is only for one specific leopard model?. I will try to find exactly where I read it
  7. You dont have 2 way switch on a leo, that is for m1. The command for first lase return on leo is "Alt. range", and you can define any key you want(not necessarily Joy button 4). Unless it was changed in the last patch without putting it on the release notes.
  8. That is connection problems, in Kanium we play big missions with players from all over the world, and that sometimes happens.
  9. Is a good trick, thank you. Do you know if it can cause overlap with other vehicle functions?
  10. They don't fire and the turret starts slowly rotating 360
  11. Someone for ad-hoc session in 30-40 mins?
  12. -Version: We always use the last, at this moment 4.161,you can download here :https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607 -Download mission: Usually is not needed to download maps, we use the default ones. You need to download the mission to play, but you can do it when you join the server. -Discord: there is no TGIF discord as far as I know. -Session information: Yes, is usually posted 20-10 min before mission starts, and sometimes mission can be changed in last minute to adjust to the number of players assisting.
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