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  1. Im using the generic "this" option,im not using a specific callsing. And the condition is a trigger, that should apply to all units. Shouldn't it work with that?. The weird thing is that I'm almost sure it was working when I tested the mission few days ago.
  2. Seems they are not working when you copy-paste them in a unit.
  3. I just discovered that alt-tabing and coming back solves the problem.
  4. This mission is based on the old 4.0 Malvinas map, you need to do the conversion to open the mission.
  5. Yes. And yes, but i also tested with non camouflaged and the result is the same. Seems it depends on the position, but I'm not sure, I'm uploading the mission. tank-emplacements-bug.sce
  6. But you can see them during the planing phase.
  7. Not a DNS, a name or a description that you write yourself, because remembering who each IP is only with the numbers is difficult.
  8. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=BMP-2 Look for ATGM Sight (9Sh119M1) section
  9. Im not sure if i can join this one, count me at 50%,put me where needed.
  10. The IP saving thing is a great addition, but it would be much better if you could add a name or a description. Something like this server
  11. Change of plans,I think i can join. I had a course this weekend but has been delayed(it was in Barcelona).Put me in O14 pls
  12. I will be in A3, if he must leave i can take Co position.
  13. Not literally.But you can adjust the zoom level so you only see the map sector you want, if you select the option the AAR will show only events in that map sector
  14. Mission this evening? In 3 hours from now.
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