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  1. It was in a mp mission and i was not hosting, so im not sure about the realism level. Nike-Ajax was the host,(the kanium mission) lets see if he reads this and can tell us the realism setting he was using.
  2. Its an old bug, but is still present and i'm not sure if it has been reported. Also the damage report shows 2 lasers damaged.
  3. Are you using 4.1 or older version?. In older version bridge crossing was giving problems, but in 4.1 is working perfect.
  4. Thank you. Any idea about when the patch will be released?
  5. Yes i think they are different, in the first bug report the tank detects the enemy(because is visible), but hits the ground because gunner ia ignores that gps is higher than the gun. In the second one the tanks are totally out of sight, however ai spots them ans starts firing.
  6. And they keep shooting and shooting although there is nothing in sight. I upload a test scenario: Blue tanks have red tanks to the south. Blue tanks have 2 positions, a covered position and a firing position(more to the south). Move the blue tanks (using the proceed order) to the firing position, when they spot the red tanks wait a bit until they exchange some shots. Retreat the blue tanks to the covered position( using the proceed order) The red tanks will keep firing even though they have nothing in sight. Firing bug.sce
  7. I can do it if there is no other volunteer, but wait a bit to see if someone shows up.
  8. Well this was my idea, yes.Is this unrealistic? I'm not asking for all weapons but we have light atgms, like javelins or dragon, no more than 40Kg, i think they move too slow for the weight.
  9. How the map download manager works? I launch the missions and opens the Map package download wizard, I press copy UID button but nothing happens, and the other buttons(Query package and download package) are not active.
  10. Few wishes: -Faster inf when nudging heavy weapons, right now is too slow to be useful -PC/IFV resupplying their OWN inf at distance, like normal supply truck, with no need to mount/dismount inf. -Tactics BP keeping the spacing from the previous route,not going to medium spacing always.
  11. I stay in recon better, i dont know when im going to leave.
  12. Put me in recon. I will have to leave mission before end, but recon usually dies fast, so should not be a problem 😁
  13. I run another tests at different distances with similar results, 6 leos destroyed with 8-11 rounds( in total), and aiming at center of mass.Most of the tanks were killed on first shoot, but 1 or 2 needed 3 shoots. Maybe my RNG is broken? test-2_10768_081419DESKTOP-VEAL0150.aar test-2_10768_081419DESKTOP-VEAL0145.aar test-of-26_10768_081419DESKTOP-VEAL0135.aar
  14. It would be interesting if some else test these missions and post the results.
  15. First test mission: thfgh.sce , you need to open with the mission editor and play from the red side, you start in cover, so you need to advance like 200-300 m north to see the enemy. I repeated the test with another mission to confirm it wasn't an extreme case, and the results are the same(6 kills with 8 shots, 1 leo resisted 3 shoots, other 5 killed with first shot), i upload the mission and the aar (test-of-26). thfgh.sce test-of-26.sce test-of-26_13428_081319DESKTOP-VEAL1135.aar
  16. Im uploading an aar where you can see t-72 firing and killing 3 Leos2E hitting in the front turret with HE,not sure what it is, if the overpressure or the round itself but something is wrong here. thfgh_20700_081119DESKTOP-VEAL0131.aar
  17. In the relase notes one of the bugfixing says: "No longer showing certain laser effects in the AAR" What is this?,what is a laser effect?, never seen that on AAR.
  18. Now is 5/10 for KE, is this change intentional?
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