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  1. Thanks for you super valuable input. True thanks to SSnake for quite long and comprehensive answer. Still I think there are a lot more simmers out there that this game currently doesn't reach. I don't personally play any kind of simulator games as training tools, I just play them because they offer much more challenge and depth than 99% of games out there.
  2. Well considering the current copy-protection system and distribution channels it's almost if you don't even want to sell the PE to anyone. There is a market for niche games like these, DCS series proves that pretty well, you are just too afraid of piratism to go after it.
  3. Challenger 2 variant without the addon armor on hull front would be interesting. You would have to be very careful with your tank positioning, making sure you are hull down almost always with that tank.
  4. Can you aks ammunition manufacturers like MECAR for the information directly? For example I think FDF uses MECAR 100mm rounds for their upgraded T-55 tanks.
  5. I still haven't solved the networking issues I have been having but I have had some fun with the singleplayer. Only significant issue I have with the SP is the commander AI. It makes playing as gunner sometimes real pain in the ass: - Commander orders to use low velocity HEAT/HESH on PC moving diagonally to your position at full speed over 2km away. It's almost impossible to hit that kind of shot. If the commander ordered to use higher velocity APFSDS it would be easy to hit. - In T-62 the HEAT rounds available are significantly better than any of the APFSDS rounds but yet the commander insist
  6. I think I found the bug. The game thinks the OF-11 round is HEAT. You can verify it yourself in the tank range mission briefing, it says: 30% BM-5 (1967), KE 50% OF-11 HEF-T (1960s), HEAT 20% BK-15M (1980s), Spec. A In the tank range mission the game prefers BK-15M over OF-11 but in the single player mission I made I had older BK-4M ammo.
  7. But the problem is that the HEAT performs much better overall than the APFSDS in T-62. Just spawn a T-72M1 against you (don't give it any ammo so it won't shoot back) and try both APFSDS and HEAT rounds on it. HEAT rounds penetrate the glacis with almost every shot, the APFSDS rounds pretty much never. edit: I also had a problem with the tank using HE rounds against other tanks, here's the screenies: 1. I gave the tank 2 APFSDS, 8 HE and 30 HEAT rounds in editor: 2. The commander wants me to engage the T-72M1 with APFSDS even if it's not going to penetrate it (HEAT kills it every time) so I'l
  8. O'rly? Anyways the T-62 seems to be a bit bugged. The commander always tells you to shoot sabot against tanks and when you run out of sabot he starts using regular HE rounds. You have to switch to commander position and manually order loading of HEAT rounds if you want to use them. I just tested it in editor, gave the tank HEAT and HE rounds (no APFSDS) and the commander wants you to shoot tanks with the HE rounds. Is there any way to overdrive the AI commanders insane orders? edit: BK-4M seems nice enough.
  9. Thanks, I'm going to check it out.
  10. It would be great if someone made some scenarios for the T-62. I tried looking for some but couldn't find any. BTW. Any data on the ammo available for T-62 ingame?
  11. I have played the game for like 10 hours and got 100% score with M1A2. I think the main reason why it's much easier to score 100% with M1A2 than with Leopard 2E for example is the ammo. The commander always tells you to engage PCs with something else than APFSDS and the M1A2 has subcaliber MPAT round with flat trajectory and short flight to target time which makes hitting much, much easier than in tanks with HESH or regular HEAT rounds. When trying the Leopard 2E tank range mission the commander keeps ordering to fire a round with really low muzzle velocity at diagonally moving PCs 2km+ away.
  12. Some Syrian map would be great since we have playable T-62 and T-72M1 now. It would be most likely kinda fun to play as rebel T-62 supported by BMP-1s and infantry ATGM squads against regime T-72M1s supported by BMP-2s and artillery and vice versa.
  13. Thanks, that helped a bit. Couple a more problems: 1. My game crashes when I try to host a multiplayer session, however my brothers almost exactly the same computer works fine. 2. Host doesn't seem to be able to jump to new vehicle when he loses his, he gets stuck in Observer position and cant do anything for rest of the battle. 3. AI is really stupid, they keep bumping to each other and expending all ammo on targets they can't hit. After expending the ammo they don't bother to reload.
  14. Just started to play the game tonight and after getting in touch with the gunnery in the gunnery range I decided to try some scenarios. I ran into little problem: How do I reload the ready ammo from stowed rounds after all ready ammo is expended? I intend to use this thread more when I run into more trouble.
  15. I got it to work by rebooting the computer. Most likely some sort of bug with the software.
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