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  1. reboot > what i do every morning Ssnake, why did you make my mind do funny things by posting that image?
  2. "Currahee!" (101st Airborne? Battle-cry) > Rivers of Blood! Mountains of Skulls! (Hell Hounds Battle cry)
  3. whose body was shaped like a > caboose hmmm where'd that come from...
  4. buttcrack draft (plumber style) > Mario!
  5. Please....take your medication kids > what Scud needs do do.... right now
  6. extra sauce and a large dill pickle > i know what Scud's thinking about....
  7. because my hands are too small > cheese(?) (Scud, you worry me..... :? )
  8. Version 1.0


    This is my first MP/SP sce! Feedback helpful. Lots, and i mean lots, of reds. HINT: preserve your forces ^_^
  9. plug and play> what Nik does wit wimmin
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