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  1. when you look at Ientertainment Network's roster of games, it should start to hit you. i believe the answer is right in plain sight and all of this begins to gel: https://corporate-ient.com/games/ you see several games with the warbirds title available on various platforms, and a couple other mobile only games, otherwise warbirds seems to be the primary draw. you also see m4 tank brigade. it should start to be apparent that warbirds and any other title released by Ientertainment Network are basically in the very casual game market, although they may throw the words realistic around, you can see the pattern here. when you actually open up m4 tank brigade, when you open up all the other warbirds games and click "more information" they are self applying the title action game rather than a simulation. i think that's the answer. wild bill, IEntertainment and now microprose are probably in the business to create pick up and play budget games. why do i say this? because one again, look at the pattern of behavior to see what they are about. it is right in plain sight. a-ha! will bobm manufacture some kind of conceit to get around what is in plain sight? will bobm post more concept box art? or will bobm post links offsite to something unrelated to distract your attention from what what is in plain sight? well, look at his behavior to see what he is about.
  2. that is the market they are competing in, as opposed to say dual use commercial/military customers. a free to play model is bound to overlap audiences since the bar for entry is so low. you see you keep on posting box art or explaining david laggettie to me, and honestly i never heard of him, and I don't doubt that he is a programmer. but you keep skating around what I am saying. they may have a game engine, but it doesn't look like they have a game yet in a form they are willing to advertise on the website. there is ta difference between those two. telling me that david laggiette was responsible for doing xyz on over on abc is not really getting to the point that I and others have raised, but you keep returning to that. in sum: the microprose website is so barebones that looking at it I wouldn't know it if they were developing a game to resurrect itself from the dead. and based on information I've seen from elsewhere, I don't have feelings that they are about to blow down the doors come fall 2019 (which was a projected time frame for release). posting more shots of box art or telling me about unrelated accomplishments is once again begging the question, which you keep doing
  3. my guess is that teams of artists and programmers would still be needed to create man made facilities, bases, towns, ships, ground threats and targets- outerra doesn't fractally generate those. if on the other hand, warbirds is intended to be exclusively air to air, that may not sustain a player base for too long, a giant empty planet with no opponents anywhere sounds boring even if it looks good. and on that score it sounds as if they are attempting to compete in a free to play with paid addons market a la world of tanks/ warships / what have you. can they make an impression on those players with such sketchy ideas and development goals
  4. the rationalization is strong with you- because wild bill is an 80's guy and cannot internet? that's your reply? i just fell off the onion wagon. there is so much to critique in that, but one obvious response is: if wild bill is still in the 80s and finds it difficult to relate to today's internet technology, that is a problem if that is true for company that needs to operate in the modern age, and one that is going to release a product that looks like it will be an online experience (and one that apparently solicits the public to augment its flight models). if what you say were true and not just kind of tongue in cheek, that's more or less admitting to being out of his element (i agree with that conclusion, but not the reason for it- if anything, wild bill knows how to have a youtube channel and order shirts advertising his company, the proof of that, once again, is right in plain sight in what he does) concept box art don't mean a thing to me. i'm surprised someone would think that actually makes a statement about much. it's as if you've never heard of vaporware, or half promises delivered in a field where companies can go bankrupt rather quickly; the computer and video games industry has known to be volatile- it's not easy to survive, even multi-million dollar companies flunk. look, i'm all for microprose making a comeback, at the same time, i have a predilection for seeing things which are right in plain sight. i say again, the way that these people are behaving is right in plain sight, something looks off. the way you can tell is just compare companies like esim or electronic arts or what have you and how they believe to see what i mean. this you cannot dodge just be posting concept art or repeating the statement back to me.
  5. you are rationalizing, sure. when i say that even the microprose website lacks information on what looks like its one and only new product- i daresay its flagship title for a company that is trying to make a comeback, you just repeat the statement back to me as its justification, that is, "microprose hasn't updated their website since 2018... (paraphrasing you) " - begging the question, that's what that is. i know that it isn't updated, the issue is why does it look like you have to do some digging to find information on a product that should be resurrecting microprose on obscure channels rather than on microprose's website? at some point this should look odd, it doesn't look right. you can always of course manufacture some hypothetical reasons and this or that. you see i'm not making predictions about anything, nor am i saying i know what's going on; what i am saying is the behavior is right in plain sight- and that behavior looks at odds with any company who is about to release a product, particularly one that is supposed to bring microprose back into the spotlight/ wild bill as far as i know is not a programmer or a game designer in that sense, he is first a salesman, which he himself has claimed himself to be. his vision and his knowledge about certain topics may show up in the games. but insofar as him churning out code is not what he is about. at some point you have to look at someone's behavior as representative of what they are about. not much from microprose, not much from wild bill either about microprose, warbirds or anything at all really. you have to go exploring to find this information on warbirds 2020- so im saying that in itself is showing you something. there is a tendency to say, "yeah but..." wild bill isn't an immortal, you judge him by his actions. yes, he started microprose, not as programmer though. it is possible that with the teams that he was previously involved with would have succeeded anyway without him (meier in particular), you can't really determine that. if you were microprose attempting to make a comeback, is this how you would do it? in such an obscure way? if it were me, and i had a product ready or near completion i would want to stand behind, my attitude would be different: it would be along the lines of fuck yeah, it's microprose and we're back, get ready! the behavior is a bit different, and this is at odds with wild bill's own statements that if someone could design the game, he can sell it (just look at past statements from him)- he's not shy about that, why does it all look so obscure now? i think that question in itself is telling.
  6. that would not explain that horrid m4 game. wild bill may be entitled to a fubar, but that game shows that it is possible wild bill would sell you on a stinker. it may be that wild bill was fortunate to have the right circumstances in the past, but now it is a new situation with different circumstances: the synergy that was there in the past isn't coalescing now and he's in over his head. that is my sense of it.
  7. i don't think wild bill is a fraud, but he may be delusional. it may have been he had a talent for selling products with solid talent behind them, but now you may see the results when he pairs up with product teams that don't have the resources to quite pull it off. m4 tank battalion was a sort of signpost, maybe
  8. why is it necessary to hunt around for this game anywhere else except on microprose's website, why so obscure? my sense is that the developers aren't enthusiastic about something enough to make it clear it was in a state getting ready for prime time. you have a few screenshots turning up, which already look dated, and some vague idea it should be ready soon- and none of that is underscored at microprose.com. possible all this will be a pleasant surprise and I am wrong, but something ain't right
  9. denial ain't a river in egypt. so everything that occurs is probability = 1 when it happens, but the point remains that things aren't random as much as i often hear people invoke life's mysteries when they say that everyone single person is different and you cannot make generalizations and this sort of thing. the reality is otherwise. even a random number generated by a computer isn't random- it may look random to the user, which serves the purpose, but the computer obtains the value from somewhere, a seed from a clock or a formula or something. the human brain is roughly analogous to that. again, there are industries which make money off the predictability of human behaviors or assess risk or what have you, if that were not so, then they wouldn't be doing that and they wouldn't be in business doing that. the rigorous field of actuarial science wouldn't be a thing, because that is what it is based on, it would have gone the way of alchemy if that weren't so. instead, it is considered to be one of the best career paths that a person with the aptitude could take, all things considered about job stability, satisfaction and pay. if we assume that there are such things as neurons, the 'you' is not really an independent thing making random decisions. specific circuits in the brain under mri scans shows activity that the person isn't even aware of in response to stimuli. largely i think a lot of people are dismissive of what has been learned about the brain and human behavior, as if it's not believable or is still subordinate to what they believe about life generally which works contrary to that.
  10. i am not sure that anything is eventually possible even given an infinite amount of time and space to occur. this may be a deficiency in our language when we say something is possible, but there seem to be some hard coded possibilities, if you like. for instance it sounds like a non starter to have a universe where there exists more apples than oranges, and at the same time, more oranges than apples. maybe it is a conceptual problem, maybe there is some infinitesimal chance that situation could occur once every trillion years, or maybe it is something with the chance of it happening is zero. the universe we live in by contrast may also have less than one in 999 trillion years chances of occuring, but that is enough given enough time. all the ingredients present while unlikely to do it often still have the chance of occurring without contradicting itself. likewise I don't think it is possible even in an infinite universe to add a proton to helium to create uranium, unless again it is an incredibly low chance greater than zero- but just barely, low enough that maybe it happens every so often without being noticed. that's why chaos vs determinism is somewhat of a language game. what you call chaos I call determinist, just with probabilities assigned to it. the US sport of baseball under the hood is very statistics driven. despite fans tuning in to watch the action of teams and players, there are mathematicians employed to do the number crunching and team managers playing the percentages, and you actually see the results when they position players and create matchup between batters and hitters based on their stats. and to that extent human behaviors are much more deterministic than we may feel comfortable with. from experimental psychology to advertisers to actuarials, it is remarkable how much human behavior can be observed and broad conclusions can be drawn. each of us individually may look 'random', but a large sample of individuals will start to show you something different with more predictable results across a population.
  11. so if the big bang is true, and that point contained the whole universe, everything that ever will be, then logically it's deterministic. all the planets, the galaxies, you, what i had for dinner, and steel beasts. all the information on how to make all that is encoded in that event. on that topic, then it all proceeds like a steel beasts script : if x happens at mission time T, then y happens and so on. if ssnake were to relay the history of steel beasts and how it came to be, from his point of view it all looked like it was happening by an uncharted, uncertain course at the time. but if follow the story backwards to the origin, then you can start seeing how the whole the thing was set up and it is deterministic
  12. well, i watched several lectures of preeiminent astrophysicist sean carrol at caltech, and he explain einstein's relativity and the universe that way. i'm not going to presume to contradict that guy. like you said, everyone cherry picks, so i gleaned it from as many sources i could, and between him and others, the most brightest minds agree that is what it is. past present and future are illusions, they all exist at the same time. so here is one example of an interesting overview and carroll appears in there at some point as far as i remember
  13. I often debate people elsewhere about 'free will' and why that is not a thing. of course i usually get some incredulous response as if it is self evident and how can that be. 'free will' is always presumed, it's never shown to be a thing. this is basically a matter of language and the lack of precision in our vocabulary. if by free will we mean both the cognitive and non voluntary processes of our brains, then that is what we we really mean- you're talking about the brain, 'free will' is an empty concept added on top of that, although i know why it seems as if you had it. but your sense of 'you' is not separate from your brain, you are your brain. the concept of 'will' is just a word that we use to describe biological processes. there is the verb form of will, such as if i left an ice cream sandwich out in the sun, it will melt, but then there is another form of it as a noun, such as 'the will' : a ghost in the machine, which is separate from the body, but which there is no evidence of existing. this seems to presume there is an elan vitale that is separate from the body. but this doesn't make sense. it's not the 'force' or the 'will' that is getting drunk if someone is under the influence or something, there is definite deterministic effects that alcohol has on the brain. likewise, if the brain were mechanically damaged or affected by medical procedures or something like this, then you may seem temporary or permanent but but profound changes in the affected person's personality, senses, perceptions, abilities and so on. 'you' are the brain, the brain is not a container for the separate will. when we take a look at the brain, it's rather apparent that it evolved. you can literally see the the layers that added on over time from the more primitive parts of the brain, called the reptilian complex because it resembles the brains of more primitive vertebrates, reptiles and amphibians (which regulates much of the unconscious behaviors). furthermore, i will argue that you do not exist freely as if in a vacuum; you are affected by the environment, you come out of it like a wave out of the sea and are part of it. genetics are an obvious implication. another is the way you are perceived by others, still another is the the effects of forces on you and all sorts of things. your brain literally rewires itself and is malleable, particularly when you learn to do new tasks without your conscious effort- you have no choice in it. so i take occam's razor and apply it this way: free will is not necessary to explain anything at all, it is superfluous. just shave it off and everything still works without that assumption. you could create a duplicate of this universe and have it behave the exact same way it is behaving now backwards and forwards, and free will never has to enter into it to explain anything. the universe could run in deterministic way based on known or somewhat intuitive forces of nature, laws of science and so on and you would never know the difference if there were no free will. free will is like saying due to free will the ice cream melts in the sun, because by its own free will it does (in addition to melting points of solids and so forth- it can't really be dis-proven i suppose, but it also changes nothing if you remove that supposition). it's the same thing; since the activities of neurons are deterministic causes, since regions of the brain are mapped to specific, deterministic behaviors (memory, speech, spatial reasoning, non voluntary functions such as breathing, fight or flight responses, sense of balance and so on), it means that there are deterministic reasons that something is associated with them- damage to the frontal lobes is why lobotomies were performed. if that didn't achieve the effect they were after, then it wouldn't make sense to do those. but it did- it's deterministic. the universe in my view does not have that kind of meaning to infer into it free will. or else where is it in the body? where does the will reside. furthermore, am i free not to have it? can i get rid of it? removing free will removes that implied problem of self contradiction to begin with. and why should anything be different than that in this universe. i think that the modern society and the way we transact our business is a result of evolution- what else would it have been? evolution means that it changed from one thing to the next rather than something that fits in no known category. i can come up with reasons why transactions exist now the way they do, and you may come up with different reasons, but what we are arguing are different reasons for the same thing- it evolved. you might point to a conspiracy theory by menacing people. i point to something else, say, someone won a war once and inflicted it on all of use, but we are both arguing the way it evolved from something that used to be. civilizations grew, so that means their interactions grew to become more complex, including the way business was transacted. why is apple inc. getting into the credit card business? is it doing randomly, or are there calculated reasons for it that would probably be talked about in a board meeting as a business strategy? in other words, that is deterministic too
  14. you mean why is this topic is here? it seems rather the answer is in plain sight, the same as all the other ones. what is the issue, exactly? that you don't like it? the simple solution is to pass, how are you being put out or affected, by it being here, that was my response about a refund, as if it was somehow a tax on you.
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