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  1. We love screenshots

  2. Helicopter starting height

    i believe you- and it's not my number one request anyway, which is a tie between computers using mortars and taking away the computer tc's being instantly aware they are being fired on. as far as engineers go and you have pride for your product, those are good reasons to believe that your intentions are well meaning to fix all bugs if only that could be done. best-
  3. Helicopter starting height

    i have tried this for years, and the results do not always happen this way- for instance, if the purpose was to park them in landing zone from the outset, if the terrain is a little uneven, and/or there are structures or trees or anything like that relatively close by, helicopters with zero fuel can violently crash as they spin and juke in the air coming down to a hard landing (because it appears they are searching for some ideal place to land- with zero fuel, or an engine out or pilots removed, this can result in the unit being destroyed). this is why i post this here- because i've tried this many times, and i hope a permanent fix could be achieved, notwithstanding the replies why it may or may not happen already. i accept that it is what it is if it's never fixed, and if it is, that's cool too. cheers-
  4. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    detachable fuel drums for the russian tanks, that is, a mission editor setting in the same way optional weapons are treated
  5. Tactical FPS

    it's probably due to the fact that there aren't a lot of compelling reasons to cooperate 'realistically' in a computer game, even if all the right design intentions are there. cooperation doesn't necessarily mean that it happens for good reasons, cooperation can also be a form of control and a form of coercion (i.e., weaker people cooperate often with the stronger because the weaker don't have a lot of choice but to do that if they may hope to live another day) as we all know, in a video game, you're not really attempting to survive, you're not really starving for food, you're not really being bullied by other players to do what they want to accomplish their objectives. in computer games everyone wants to have their own slice of the pie and get their entertainment dollar's worth- no one is going to really feel that their lives actually depend on their actions, which is why if a game were only about cooperation, people would soon get bored of that and ask if they could put in competition modes to fight one another because why sacrifice your time and money just in order to cooperate; in real life people would cooperate because they can't just push pause and go get good or restart the game after getting munched. on the other hand, in a video game you're also not likely to see all the degenerate behavior that would happen, either- no doubt in real life the sublimated prehistoric tendencies in people would start coming out, people dominating one another and forming hierarchies, people trading sex for food and protection, that is to say, in a day z scenario, pimping behavior and all the jailhouse tendencies would start to play out like psychology experiments have shown people who were otherwise 'normal' citizens turning into something else entirely. in military simulations you'll see something similar- people doing it their way and having a blast abusing equipment and lives because there's no actual penalty that can't simply be reset by restarting the game. still, looks wise, they did a good job on the environment, and i like the tension of nothing happening but the sounds of rain in the dark. good stuff, although i can't tell from that video how far distances are rendered, maybe the game environment is more like the setting in the movie alien- everything happens at close quarters mostly inside or within suburban sprawl rather than players picking things off at armed assault ranges outdoors.
  6. Syrian BMP-1 (4.023)

    Version 1.0.0


    BMP-1 skin based on the stock Syrian two tone Syria BMP-1 skin installed with Steel Beasts. An optional missile file (BMP1_int) and recommended decal file are included. The included decal file is blank and therefore unused- this is to prevent Steel Beasts from rendering the Iraqi decals on the vehicle sides as the program uses the Iraqi symbology by default for the Syrian BMP-1; generally the Syrians do not appear to display tactical insignias on the vehicle sides but on the rear or the front aspects. I have placed the tactical markings on the trim vane rather than on the bow plate where they would normally appear; this is because the current lighting engine in Steel Beasts 4.023 renders the belly plates of most vehicles as unnaturally dark even in direct sunlight, and the markings therefore are often obscured when placed in this dark area. If and when a later version of Steel Beasts corrects this lighting problem, I can modify the skin accordingly.
  7. BTR-80 Desert two tone (4.023)

    Version 1.0.0


    Two tone desert/tropical pattern for the BTR-80 based on the original Syrian skin file.
  8. Helicopter starting height

    i don't point this out with any expectations of a timeframe or anything. however, i wasn't aware if anyone at esim or any of the playtesters were aware of this issue- which it looks like at least some weren't. so, my intent was to get it noted if not already, and if and when it gets fixed as a result is of course entirely on your schedule
  9. Helicopter starting height

    i presume that that it was the case when they were designed in the context to steel beasts, it wasn't considered necessary at the time, but i hope it's on the 'bug' tracker. i see utility as a feature that they begin the a scenario on the ground under different circumstances of course
  10. Helicopter starting height

    i've never seen what you describe work. i've tried for a long time- setting a starting damage to engine (or no fuel or no pilots) or whatever i can think to get to start on the ground never worked- in all cases it still starts in the air. if you damage a component like the engine, it will still begin the mission in the air, but destroys itself attempting to land. while i appreciate the creative suggestion, i hope a relatively simple solution is that a helicopter starts on the ground as specified at the outset. other vehicles don't necessarily behave that way, that is, they are placed at the outset where they should be unless there is an impassable object like building
  11. Helicopter starting height

    it seems currently there is no way that a helicopter can begin a scenario already parked on the ground- they always start in the air as if on a cushion holding them up. in other words, create a helicopter in the editor, set flight height at ground level, they begin the scenario several meters above ground and attempt to land as the scenario begins (and if there are sleight irregularities in the terrain, often there is a bouncing and spinning effect that can go on for several seconds with a chance of collisions and damage while the helicopter is sorting out the best way to park)
  12. Egptian BTR-50 (4.023)

    Version 1.0.0


    BTR-50 skins in Egyptian tri-color and desert two tone patterns.
  13. Leopard 2E / 2A6

    you vill buy our shtuff, undt you vill luff it!
  14. PT-76 Egypt Tri-Color (4.023)

    Version 1.0.0


    Two PT-76 skin files: 1) Egyptian tri-color pattern; 2) Desert two tone suitable for most Arab forces.
  15. T-55 Egypt 1970s

    Version 1.0.0


    T-55 skin / Egyptian tri-color camouflage pattern.