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  1. no idea what specifically you mean about 4chan and microsoft, but it does illustrate a point i make; i am not saying the existence of a neural network is proof of 'success' or proof of some technological singularity we are on the threshold of obtaining, nor is it the point where some kind of engineering perfection is achieved; far from it; there is a tendency to go the other direction and discount certain evidence because it's not 'perfect' nor even remotely so, therefore throw the whole idea out. that's not even what life is: we don't discount the existence of life because there is the existe
  2. well certainly it looks as though all organisms are contained in this neural network. the organism takes in information from its environment, at the same time, the environment takes information in from the individual organism; this is why the relationship between the individual and its environment is a transaction rather than mere interaction- there is an exchange of information going on all the time. a tall individual for example would not know that he is tall without some information from the environment to confirm this- for example, being in the presence of shorter people, who are confirmed
  3. we are trying to teach machines to think in a few years- which is evolved behavior in human beings over hundreds of thousands of years in the species (millions or billions of years of vertebrate animals) of trial and error culling out unsuccessful behaviors from successful behaviors- as you can imagine, this won't be done overnight. in fact i think to some degree in order to accomplish this, the organic machine, that is to say, human beings have to combine with machine (and in a sense that is what is happening just by virtue of teaching machine behavior) in order to bring machines even remotel
  4. hello- sorry for the problems. can you per chance post a screen shot of the error message? i have attached a few screen shots of the file path for the map files. the first screenshot shows the path of the map package from within the mission editor. the next three screenshots show this from the windows directory tree. because of steel beasts' file structure where the program files are spread out over multiple paths, it does get there in somewhat of a convoluted way compared to other programs. the first folder to start in the c:\programdata folder, and then from there, it looks like c:\ pro
  5. download to your computer or run in the background from youtube, a good video for background, distant war noise for your scenarios- runs a long time, offers a steady drone without distracting or cheesy effects; this one is in my view the best of the bunch i sampled . i originally downloaded and integrated directly into scenarios as a media event, but there is a feature of steel beasts which disrupts the sound file if certain things happen while the media file is playing, eg, if the scenario is paused and resumed, the sound effect sample is killed, also, if another media file is accessed by the
  6. Version 1.0.0


    A fictionalized, large armor battle set during the Iran-Iraq war consisting mainly of Iraqi T-62 vs. Iranian T-55 tanks, plus infantry and other support vehicles. The scenario may tend to play like a World War 2 battle without modern technology. Designed for a single player. The scenario will probably run very slow under 4.250. If you have not upgraded to 4.259, it is strongly recommended you do so before running the scenario. Note: I also recommend either playing the following YouTube video link running in the background, or downloading and playing locally during the c
  7. if you can afford to buy a new computer now (notwithstanding the merits of a notebook computer vs. a desktop ), i would recommend buy now. this may sound philosophical or whatever, but i say this because you can only do something now. even five years from now, it will still be now when you buy a new computer (or not). you will not perceive yourself as living in the future five years from now when you get there the same way you don't perceive yourself as living years in the future right now from 2016 asking this question. it is always now- you are either playing steel beasts now, or you are not
  8. to some extent i have created detection areas in the mission editor ( eg. open fire if units are located in the detection zone + random variable and/or if other friendly units also detect units in order to corroborate information) to adjust detection rates or effectiveness. for what it's worth from customer feedback here, maybe at some point you might include a global setting in the mission editor simply based on a defined likelihood that units are able to sort each other out from all other noise i.e., a penalty modifier which assigns a 30 percent chance of detection for one side or both.
  9. i am not sure of the core game, but they make great cinema
  10. certainly will try it. watching steel beasts mature over the years, in my opinion the graphics detail is worth watching passively in order to admire the work put into it that playing doesn't wouldn't allow players appreciate in the same way when concentrating on their objectives- the particle and tracer effects, for example, and the other day i noticed the spiraling flight path of a helicopter launched atgm outbound tracking a target. the effect was really well done just to watch and admire.
  11. taking screenshots. setting up skirmishes and watching them play out like a movie. experimenting with paint programs, which i had no interest in outside of steel beasts.
  12. there is a basic double bind. it is the strangest thing- it seems hard wired into reality, and you could not design a better trap if you tried. take the analogy of a planet plummeting through space. it cannot be diverted nor stopped. the basic fear instinct because of the pucker factor is to cling to the planet, although it does nothing at all to solve the problem to cling to something which is inherently on a suicide mission eventually reaching its conclusion. but it's our tendency to cling on to the ride. you can't do anything about it. that might sound defeatist, but
  13. the future is always now. when you to get the future, you do not think to yourself 'i am in the future', much the same way in the opposite direction, that is, when you were ten years old, you did not think of yourself as being in the past at that time. pick any time and date you want, you only experience now, the future is forever not happening, because even if it did happen, then by definition it would no longer be the future the moment it happened
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