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  1. it is single player, and it does look like something you would see with multiplayer lag. however, i suspect the issue is with a particular scenario that i see it happening: the infantry squads are scripted to retreat or surrender after a specified number of casualties + random variable- either that is somehow messing with something or maybe there is some kind of memory issue due to the large number of infantry units in the scenario. i'll test more later.
  2. there is some kind of intermittent bug which occurs every so often re: delayed infantry death animation; i have noticed this when using coaxial machine guns scoring hits on prone infantry which don't appear to die, although they are killed as far as the program is concerned, but the animation which shows them dying appears to be delayed. this is difficult to capture in a screenshot. it looks like this: a group of infantry lying prone. spray the entire group with machine gun fire one by one, the blood spatters, the infantry are still lying prone. at some point, the program decides t
  3. i wouldn't draw many conclusions from this scenario as benchmark to measure performance of any tank, by its very nature a single player vehicle is outnumbered and surrounded by minefields, infantry, and other tanks or vehicles capable of destroying tanks. the player generally has no preparation to consider the randomized disposition and placement of units, except through trial and error of repeatedly playing this scenario and dying enough times to get somewhat of a picture of what to expect next time. the lone exception to see what happens when enemy shots can come from practically any angle a
  4. to add another issue: i experience frequent freezes or lockups with the update; when this happens, simply closing steel beasts doesn't work, it usually requires a system reboot to break the freeze.
  5. i just did a scheduled windows update unrelated to troubleshooting the low FPS, and it seems to have improved performance. that might be the issue there.
  6. Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti; latest drivers. generally steel beasts was running smooth across the sorts of scenarios i tend to run; as noted the difference came with the update; even scaling down graphics wasn't really worth the slight gain in FPS.
  7. related to object 720 / 719 chain link fences, there is a shimmering effect in the mesh as the fences are rendered at different distances when approaching or moving away-
  8. after i installed the update, i immediately set to rule out i either i had some malware running slowing down the system, or perhaps that i had two instances of steel beasts running at the same time; in the mission editor, there is a heavy feel pressing the WASD keys in free move mode when scanning around the terrain, as if the POV camera is dragging a heavy weight along with it. i am not sure the graphics alone are the issue: subjectively, other than some texture changes to individual objects, the engine looks the same if not similar to what it was before. the difference is how mu
  9. has anyone experienced performance issues with the update? my impression is there has been a significant impact on framerates with the update. scenarios which were rather smooth prior now experience noticeable stuttering.
  10. optional recoil, pov camera vibration special effect of some kind firing light or heavy machine guns from the sights; a camera vibration effect from nearby explosions- some disorienting or suppressive effect when it happens in first person view
  11. i admire what you are doing and ill tell you why, and consider it feeback for esim. either an esim empoyee or the harcore fan attempts this sort of thing. you might try texture or sound mods, you might create missions or you might create maps. this one is beyond my interest for for the payout i was getting out of it. i did not figure my ideas were good enough to see an operation through. if you stay with it, and you believe in what you are doing, you might be pulling off something epic for the community. that is probably the story of steel beasts anyhow. the evidence of that is how few other
  12. thanks for the feedback. i will upload something as early as this weekend, next weekend at the latest. with the 4.1xx changes with the map downloader, i'm not sure i fully understand what that entails. if it is easier to upload the map, map theme, and scenario files as one package i'll likely go that route.
  13. i'd like to play it. i wanted to attempt an operation years ago and then i realized how difficult the learning curve would be before quitting. are you going to post it in the downloads section?
  14. you may tend to get replies in this community that steel beasts is intended as a simulation of the subject matter, which can be used as entertainment value- as such, it can function like a game. for what it's worth, you can look at anything which has competing interests as a game: real life is a game in that sense, but with real consequences for playing, that is, real consequences for winning and losing. sure. this is the crux of game theory (a classic study is the prisoner's dilemma, which doesn't imply any entertainment running the game at all- though i suppose there are some type of people
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