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  1. it also had a much smaller hard drive footprint and much simpler file structure, easier and faster installation and you could conceivably buy a boxed gold version off the shelf. I don't regard these as intentional features but the natural consequence of a more primitive state in the technological and commerce state of things back then: the same advantages could correspond to any computer game in the 90s and 80s. I would say however that for a time sb1 had shadows and better fire and explosions than the earlier states of sb 2. presently however that no longer is the case. i could understand it if esim closed out in 2003 and you never heard of sb pro, there might be more reasons to keep sb1 around. I don't see the point now though, waste of time even to try and get it to run on modern hardware unless for some reason buying sb pro and/or more current hardware aren't possible
  2. the one advantage i can see with steel beasts 1 is that it could conceivably run on old hardware like an old laptop i bought in 2008 (i can also run the earliest version of steel beasts 2 on it with details dialed down); i don't regard laptops as ideal for entertainment, which is why i haven't upgraded to a newer laptop as long as my old laptop is still running. this doesn't mean that steel beasts 1 in itself is better in some category, rather the opposite- because it is more primitive i can run it on more primitive hardware, for the same reason folks who claim they can't or won't get a credit card or can't afford to upgrade may resort to settling on steel beasts 1 rather than being enthusiastic about compromising. it is doubtful that people are going to show as much interest as they might think in obsolete software in 2019 and going forward when it was a bit niche in 2000 when the public version was available- besides, why go back to something which has less features, when even back then we were pining for more features. steel beasts was good at its time but as many of you might recall we were always pestering for this or that in every area you can imagine. now that you got that and arguably more, it is difficult to conceive how current users of 4.0XX are going to go backwards for any significant investment of time. difficult to go back to a sedan you once you upgraded to the porsche, but that is the illusion of nostalgia: you never felt nostalgic about a thing back then when you had it, it always occurs later when life moved on
  3. there is a way to approach romance like any business transaction, that is, approach it rationally and kill that bad faith programming: the movies, the love songs, the tv programs, the hallmark commercials. a good rule of thumb like in any business relationship is approximately a 2/3 exchange in your favor. when you put yourself first, this does not mean ignore your cupcake so the she looks elsewhere, but it does mean the benefits trickle down in measured doses- so that she doesn't take it for granted and look elsewhere. once in awhile there is something in the movies that gets right, and when you understand this, internalize it and see it work like this, you cannot unsee it:
  4. bzzzt. a fundamental paradox of human psychology explains that treating someone like royalty tends to earn contempt because they view you as fans or subjects. put yourself and your happiness first, put your mission first, and not only will your partner appreciate you more, but other wimins take notice of you too. men have been brainwashed into believing that making themselves ready servants is endearing, which is a disaster in the making. very difficult to increase your own net worth when you exist to please and appease others
  5. my old computer kicked the bucket the same week the new sb engine was made public. i have a similarly brand new setup, all the best and fastest components available (attractive light show display emitted by the case, including the mouse and keyboard emitting rainbow colors- though I generally don't care about frills, they came with it and they are a nice surprise). as for steel beasts, I can get high frame rates with shadows set at least 7, map distances from 8 - 10km. the real frame rate killer seems to be when there are relatively high numbers of infantry present, which means lots of los calculations, in other words the bottleneck is the cpu rather than graphics card, typically. i plan to get red dead redemption and see how that performs
  6. i don't experience this, i don't think it is a feature
  7. i posted a similar situation in a previous thread below- i understand what it meant by the visual representation of the model versus the number crunching going on under the hood, but what is confusing is that the event dialogue box in these screenshots record a hit and explains what happened, so that it appears that the program thinks there is a hit and is explicitly indicating that there is a hit (in my example, it says the unit was hit, but is ok), and not just showing a graphic which doesn't fully represent the the model. don't go around shooting infantry as a legitimate procedure per se, i think in this particular case I just fired to clear the tube to load up a HEAT round, just happened to 'hit', if that is what is going on. i won't lose sleep over it and it isn't really that big of a deal, but it is interesting because the program does think the units are being hit. https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/12523-t-55am-armor-leak/#comments
  8. updated damage model to the the hesco fortification- it is quite resilient to direct hits from 500 pound aircraft bombs, tank guns and artillery, but a top attack javelin vaporizes it
  9. i've requested this before as a wish list item, for the time being it doesn't work like that, in other words, suppose you are inside your vehicle buttoned up, you will hear the media file play crystal clear as if it were being pumped into the comm system rather than being an external event relative to the distance of your unit. this could be a powerful tool if it were one day implemented like a sound effect which is located or triggered somewhere on the map subject to what you are asking like other sound effects
  10. unless i'm mistaken, from what i have seen, after the reload, it's reversed- the O key is necessary to return to the sights, in other words, the key assignment changes from the normal F2 to O- but after reload, pressing F2 after reload gives you the wider view. The solution of pressing O to return to the sights after reload is what i wasn't aware of, because the normal key which did that up until recently no longer responds that way
  11. i don't have any data to add here, but all the new armata based vehicles and the new russian prototype vehicles equipped with aps are difficult to kill in my experience, it isn't merely in my view only a matter of the t-14 tank armor profile: the ifv version of the armata and the wheeled and tracked prototype apc's/and ifv's equipped with aps are able to deflect shots even from the m1a2 using the best available ammo. it often happens the the m1a2 may detect an apc or ifv class vehicle first, get off several shots first, which are defeated by the aps, then the m1a2 gets a spanking by a powerful atgm when the enemy responds. taken as a whole, this imparts the experience that the aps as modeled is a powerful advantage for any armored vehicle with powerful ammunition, not just the t-14 or even a different tank, and if the m1a2 isn't likewise equipped with a similar active kill system, it is disadvantaged. it is the aps in my experience which has really turned the tide if you put an equal number of m1a2 tanks against the t-14 armata tank or bradleys against the t-15 armata ifv and just trade shots, the m1 tanks and the m2 bradleys are going to take losses, notwithstanding artillery, air support or prior damages to the russian vehicles. i think that the t-72b3 would be a good vehicle to include in some future update to fill the gap between the older generation of russian tanks and the t-14 armata: as volcano mentioned that the russians don't appear to field the t-14 armata in large numbers, and it may be that the russians may be more interested in holding back these tanks in a conflict or at least they may prefer to put their large fleet of t-72 based vehicles up to the line first.
  12. a question i asked in the support forum entails another: why is it necessary to change key assignments to use the machine gun sights after reload, that is, why does the key assignment change to "O" to use the sights again only after reload, and not before? what procedure is this modelling, or what is the lesson being taught to the student to change keys like that (it's almost like panzer elite's way of going about things insofar as complex key assignments are concerned)?
  13. well, I presume you are playing against yourself, which is difficult- you know what plans of each side are, so it may be better to play against a human opponent to see what happens. we do know however the RG does not employ any special tactics, they are trained in the same soviet doctrine as regular army units. moreover, the RG aren't especially experienced in maneuver warfare, since prior to operation desert storm they were generally a smaller praetorian guard during iran-Iraq war, membership was expanded too late to really gain much combat experience. what they did show however much differently during ODS than other units, particularly the surrenduring conscripts on the saddam line was courage, if still ineffectual. the units carrying the standard the RG fought and died in place aggressively, where they were tasked to do that. your t-90 equipped RG units could conceivably attempt to charge or outflank your m1 tanks, in which case under the scenario your m1 tanks might withdraw and fence off the attackers with artillery and air support (this sort of thing did happen say in the wadi al-batin and the battle of khafji).
  14. if you look at the skirmish at phase line bullet, american forces with hi tech equipment where just as confused as Iraqis in other battles, what happened is unexpected contact in poor visibility nullified superior american range, tactics and sensors. the problem however is that the Iraqis could never capitalize on anything because they could never put together a maneuver scheme beyond local units counter attacking- no unit is going to be in contact with a headquarters above a brigade level at best, so most units are blind, have no idea of the disposition of the bigger picture: other friendly forces and the enemy generally. too much going against the Iraqis even with first rate equipment since the opening night with the punishing of iraq's command and control. the casualties would have been higher certainly for the coalition, and maybe the Iraqis win a major battle or two, but it's speculation that you can experiment for yourself with steel beasts- that's what it's for, you have tools already to play with
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