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  1. New Gaming Rig - Thoughts?

    i think the difficult matter is i could tell you how i would do it based on how i primarily use my computer, but i don't really know what you want to do with yours the only other reason we need to upgrade to run spreadsheets and word processors is because microsoft is imposing compatibility problems with new operating systems that they roll out, so let's get down to brass tacks- besides that you are upgrading to play computer games. my nine year old computer was top of the line offered as a dell gaming machine in 2010, notwithstanding the fact it was a single core cpu, didn't have dual or quadruple graphics cards, and it still works quite well for my purposes (i don't own dcs or arma 3, if those are meaningful indicators). the question is what type of performance do you intend to get out of what specific games you think you'll be playing- maybe specifically ask others what their machines subjectively feel like with arma 3 or dcs loaded as a comparison and then go from there.
  2. New Gaming Rig - Thoughts?

    cannot be done, you lose that game every time chasing a phantom. 'the future' is not a perceptible experience, there is only now- you could be enjoying your computer if you bought it now, or not enjoying it now. if the idea is to stretch your budget as far as possible into the future with buying the most expensive you could afford now, you could have bought something cheaper and invested the difference and then you would probably have more money to show for it over the long run (then eventaully upgrade again later).
  3. We love videos

    insofar as it is a feature to have trees of different heights, i can't think of why that is bad.
  4. We love videos

    good tip
  5. We love videos

    is there some way of scaling down the height of the palm trees in the map editor? examples at 3:19
  6. T-55AM Armor "leak"?

    i don't think anyone is arguing that wouldn't happen. even an abrams tank can be put out of action if hit in select locations by 25 mm. it's really more about the chances under armor effects of penetration and hit location (you could easily penetrate say, sensors like the gps, but that doesn't mean the vehicle should be knocked out per se). at any rate, maj.hans has already indicated several rounds did the job, giving several die rolls a chance to deliver the coup de grace
  7. T-55AM Armor "leak"?

    while on the subject, i've seen an infantry unit survive a grazing hit from apfsds, which would be a kill for any practical purpose under any circumstance i can imagine. is there a dice roll associated with a scenario like that?
  8. T-55AM Armor "leak"?

  9. T-55AM Armor "leak"?

    however, consistent results of killing the tank in that location would probably indicate something going on, since steel beasts is supposed to roll the dice- in other words, it can do the trick, much the same way a sabot can penetrate a brdm-2 but should not necessarily kill it. that's what the dice roll is for
  10. T-55AM Armor "leak"?

    now this may be a problem, since it seems to square what i've seen before. occasional 'bad' results are one thing, but if it's consistent, maybe esim should have a look. if the bushmaster always penetrated the t-55 at that turret location, that should be a problem, since even tank main armament doesn't even do that. once in a while- chalk it up to the dice roll. on the other hand, more consistent results with a tow hit at that location may be suspect.
  11. T-55AM Armor "leak"?

    doen't prove the case with one trial. as everyone knows, steel beasts rolls dice and that means you will occasionally get counter intuitive results, if you like. the flip side to something like this was when my bradley put a tow missile right into a t-55 turret ring under the gun, no components damaged, no crew damaged or killed. and of course, you almost sense it coming- the t-55 returned fire and killed me with one shot. frustrating, but it will happen. however, i look at it like the law of averages, barring some obvious, demonstrable flaw occasionally discovered in a vehicle's hit model, it probably all evens out, that is, over large enough trials you'll likely be rewarded with about as many lucky hits as you are penalized by unlucky hits.
  12. Iraq BMP-1 (4.023)

    Version 1.0.0


    Desert BMP-1 with Iraqi markings. Included is a clean version with no markings.
  13. Iraq Republican Guard (4.023)

    Version 1.0.0


    Iraqi Saddam era Republican Guard skins for infantry.
  14. Iraq MTLB (4.023)

    Version 1.0.0


    Iraqi Saddam era MTLB. Includes a blank version with no markings.
  15. Soviet MTLB (4.023)

    Version 1.0.0


    MTLB in Soviet green theme.
  16. We love photos

    you more or less repeated what i just said
  17. We love photos

    captured 'lion of babylon' below- distinct from breakthrough7's t-72 with extra plate welded to the glacis and supposed IR disruptor on the turret
  18. We love photos

    what is the more questionable designation is the term 'monkey model' that was thrown around for awhile, as if to say that the soviets supplied the iraqis with scrap rather than the 'real' version of the t-72. that sort of designation needs clarification or ought to be thrown out altogether, since the export models that the iraqis received aren't 'lemons' but rather export models without certain features, but at least as good as t-72a models used by warsaw pact. monkey model - likely a description used to somehow imply the t-72's lackluster performance was due to the fact that iraq didn't receive 'real' t-72s lion of babylon- local iraqi designation for the t-72, much the same way allies in world war 2 may have given their american manufactured vehicles their own names
  19. We love photos

    of course, but it's like you're doubling down on this for the wrong reason. in a similar way, the british in world war 2 nicknamed some of their american manufactured vehicles by certain designations, but the fact that they gave them these names isn't meant to imply that the british actually produced these vehicles. in much the same way, lion of babylon or sherman 'firefly' are nicknames for morale purposes rather than to suggest something else.
  20. We love photos

    it's not kind of a myth, that is the distinction that iraqis used for morale purposes to make their tanks sound especially badass- it's not a myth as in they never did that. you might be having issues with a semantic distinction- do you mean to say that lion of babylon is not iraqi designed and produced from scratch? no one claims that it was as far as i know. over the years, iraq had either assembled t-72s from exported parts- in other words putting together disassembled exported parts rather than creating each part from scratch, or they took their already working t-72s and added components to them to the standards that suited them (extra welded plates, a primitive smoke generator, some kind of IR dazzler on some vehicles). so they didn't produce t-72s from scratch, but they did assemble export models or modify them, often times under embargo conditions putting together what they could. that's what it is meant by iraqi assad babil- they did in fact either locally assemble parts received from abroad, or they locally upgraded some vehicles in their fleet. but the name doesn't refer to a locally manufactured tank from scratch, it refers to the fact that they called them lion of babylon for the coolness factor, not because they designed and produced them under license from scratch.
  21. About that deleted thread

    this statement contains both an internal contradiction (ensure estimations are factual), and entails the very thing you would want to avoid per opsec (ensure secret data is factual) in other words, estimations by definition aren't verified facts and secret data is forbidden as such.
  22. Iraq Republican Guard

    infantry modification to resemble iraq RG uniform
  23. floating spotters

    the forward air controllers and artillery observers float during play when kneeling or standing; this isn't apparent in the mission editor planning phase but once the action starts. terrain type doesn't seem to matter.
  24. MTLB

    the mtlb
  25. Help me have more fun with SBPe

    the mental block is likely the fact that no matter how skilled you are with the mission editor, the mission designer has a sense of how it plays out even with random events applied- the mission designer tests it and works out the bugs, and even a simpler scenario designed by someone else will still give a different feel for that very reason, at least until it is played enough times that it becomes committed to rote memory. this is why no one can honestly play chess solitaire and give black and white the same chance of winning, this is also why someone might think that simple missions generated in m1tp2 are more 'surprising' than very elaborately scripted missions that one creates for himself with steel beasts. i've heard music composers explain that by the time they create their music, they've been through the entire process of sampling and mixing that the final product is 'uninteresting' to them and they're ready to move on to something else (likely software developers might have a similar sense with their own products). i can subjectively confirm this with myself when i take apart other people's scenarios and alter conditions to have random events or a different mix of events and units, they are still often more fun to play than scenarios i create for myself with random variables. this is not the fault of steel beasts, it's just a natural consequence of anything we create for ourselves and expect the surprises to look the same as if someone else had done it.