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  1. optional recoil, pov camera vibration special effect of some kind firing light or heavy machine guns from the sights; a camera vibration effect from nearby explosions- some disorienting or suppressive effect when it happens in first person view
  2. i admire what you are doing and ill tell you why, and consider it feeback for esim. either an esim empoyee or the harcore fan attempts this sort of thing. you might try texture or sound mods, you might create missions or you might create maps. this one is beyond my interest for for the payout i was getting out of it. i did not figure my ideas were good enough to see an operation through. if you stay with it, and you believe in what you are doing, you might be pulling off something epic for the community. that is probably the story of steel beasts anyhow. the evidence of that is how few other
  3. thanks for the feedback. i will upload something as early as this weekend, next weekend at the latest. with the 4.1xx changes with the map downloader, i'm not sure i fully understand what that entails. if it is easier to upload the map, map theme, and scenario files as one package i'll likely go that route.
  4. i'd like to play it. i wanted to attempt an operation years ago and then i realized how difficult the learning curve would be before quitting. are you going to post it in the downloads section?
  5. you may tend to get replies in this community that steel beasts is intended as a simulation of the subject matter, which can be used as entertainment value- as such, it can function like a game. for what it's worth, you can look at anything which has competing interests as a game: real life is a game in that sense, but with real consequences for playing, that is, real consequences for winning and losing. sure. this is the crux of game theory (a classic study is the prisoner's dilemma, which doesn't imply any entertainment running the game at all- though i suppose there are some type of people
  6. based on the iran-iraq persian gulf war, nearing the end of completion of reconstructing an 8 x 8 km map map and testing, which has been a part time project over the span of three years (with the upgrade to the newer terrain engine, much of the original map detail was lost (particularly the man made structures). this setback however afforded the opportunity to experiment further and re-imagine the reconstituted map and finally, find a better balance between detail vs. framerates. . the purpose was to a create a scenario where although generally opposing forces are organized a
  7. no kidding. have you followed this topic from the beginning? i say it again- we know that these images were being posted. that's why this all looks hokey, because of some apparent misrepresentation, or hype. to hash this entire thread all over again is getting old- but in sum, there is something goofy with all of this. if you follow this thread to the beginning, we discussed this already. i said what i did not not because you're hyping a specific game, but you're hyping this situation after lengthy discussion about something which seems weird going on, again, if
  8. i don't know how someone takes a ride on the hype train after all that's been said, but here were are. microprose apparently is not developing their own content- it looks like they are publishing. that's fine, but i think you are are expecting something more, that is, you seem to think with your last sentence that microprose's return means the next generation of content where falcon 4.0 left off. what looks to be the case is microprose partners with developers looking for either a publisher or assistance to bring them to market. this does not warrant all of sudden the i
  9. trying to isolate the issue further, in order to rule out a malfunctioning codemeter stick, is there an option to buy a new stick or trade for a replacement? in either case i am willing to pay for a replacement cost
  10. it is quite weird- if it's not that, then it is rather uncanny that the only solution that has worked is fighting with kapersky- sometimes i have to turn it off and on multiple times, then it will work for awhile, then it comes back to turning it off and on again, and repeats- if not that, i'm at a loss, and somehow there is something else which coincidentally seems to operate within that behavior
  11. it turns out the problem was related to kapersky anti-virus shutting steel beasts down; coming out of the blue, it may have been an automatic update that suddenly changed the behavior. shutting kapersky off and on again seemed to wrestle control back over again, although from time to time, it seems to still aggressively stop steel beasts from running- have to turn it off and on again
  12. i thought it might be windows defender blocking the program from running, since i was getting no feedback at all- clicking the icon or attempting to execute from the start menu simply wouldn't do anything but appear to load for a while then quit. now i am getting this message below. this is the first time i have ever seen this happen; i attempted a repair license, it seemed to update the files. i wonder if either the dongle is malfunctioning after some 15 years, or there is something windows is doing to block the license,
  13. there was a DOS era sci-fi space shooter called Mantis, if i recall, which sold itself on using real newtonian physics; the perfect example where trying to achieve that made the game a commercial failure if not everything about the game was obscure and unpolished. unlike the Star Wars ww2 dogfights as if there was objective gravity (star wars plane formations always meet in a horizontal plane, as if agreed upon by convention) and an atmosphere in space, Mantis was too difficult to play and enjoy, ships would slip around as if on ice with simple turns as they tried to
  14. Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, i picked it up recently for about $10.00 on GOG.com as i read about it. based on a microprose classic (i also never played): Master of Magic, Age of Wonders Shadow Magic is a 'typical' 4X explore, research, build and exterminate strategy game in a fantasy setting. at the strategy level, it is generally like any other Civilzation clone but combining tactical battles like another microprose legacy classic X-Com UFO defense. the result is a strategy / RPG like hybrid with kingdom and resource management at one level, and tactical combat resolve
  15. something is squirrely with installing 4.167 as a standalone version, if it isn't a patch to a previous version. the codemeter license seems to update, but the program won't launch after installation. if 4.167does require 4.163 or 4.162 to patch up, i cannot locate those files archived on the website. there is a link to version 4.163 as if you could download it, but the link comes back to 4.167 again. the last previous version available seems to be 4.023, creating a gap for the necessary files
  16. Gents, I intended to install the latest version 4.167, but the instructions at eSim Games indicate that it can only be applied as a patch to either version 4.162 or 4.163- I cannot find either of these available in the downloads section: that is, there seems to be a gap between 4.167 and 4.023, no versions in between are available, or what am I missing?
  17. more vigorously burning tanks without necessarily popping the turret- some vehicles like the bradley already burn like this, imagine the below screenshot as if the turret did not blow off but remained in a state of burning
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Russian Tri-Color T-72B skin for the following: T-72B1 m. 1984 (crewable) T-72B1 m. 1985 (crewable) T-72B m. 1984 (AI only, non-crewable) T-72B m. 1985 (AI only, non-crewable)
  19. i suppose i could do more, but it would take time and it wasn't my original intention to match all the vehicles. however, as you see in the first screenshot, the stock color schemes already do not match the standard colors, either. not to be pedantic, but even if i wanted to make the same color scheme, it will likely only be approximately the same- similar, but something might seem a little off. if you try to use extract color tool, you can choose a single pixel or a larger sample, but it never quite turns out the same, since color is subjective and depen
  20. it is within the range of base green that you will find depending on the light source, the time of day, meterological conditions, amount of dirt or water stains or weathering effects. there is no such thing in this universe as a tone of color that exists in a vacuum (in fact we know from physics that color doesn't exist "out there" at all- like sound does not exist in space, it is the brain's interpretation of what it estimates is "out there" based on signals received from the optic nerve. depending on the wavelength of light, say time of day or other atmospheric conditions, the same ton
  21. i figured out the workaround- duplicate spawned units in the same location- for example., primary unit has 80 percent chance of spawn with active protection equipped, secondary unit has 20 percent chance of active protection removed. not too bad.
  22. it certainly is modeled that way- however, i request something which permits a user prescribed chance of not function at all through the entire scenario rather than the system having the rare miss (but still functioning)
  23. that's not the point- i am requesting a random chance of these systems not functioning, meaning they still have a random chance to function (rather than non-functioning at all as empty).
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